Writing Challenge: Invent a Word

Have you ever tried to think of a word for something, and then realized no perfect word existed? This happened to me today! I realized that I am not currently reading a book that I am really into. When I am reading a book that I am really excited about, I have a special feeling or glow, even when I'm not reading it. One man described it as being in book love. Does that make sense to you? I'm not in book love right now, so something feels missing.

This thought made me think of those great lists of foreign words that don't exist in English. I wonder if your language has a word for being in book love (or for NOT being in book love, which is really how I am feeling today).

Let's invent some words this month! 

Your Task: 

1. Brainstorm for a little while. Try to think of a word that exists in your language or another language that can't easily translate into English. Or, think of a feeling or situation that you would love to be able to describe in one English word, but can't find in a dictionary. This may be something that your own language doesn't have a word for either.

2. Come up with your own English word for this wordless idea/concept/feeling. Try to choose a logical root for your word by looking up related words in a dictionary. Decide what the part of speech would be for your word (e.g. noun) , and try to think of any other related words with different parts of speech (e.g. verb). 

3. Open a new blog post. Use the title Writing Challenge: Invent a Word. (You can add your word in brackets)

4. Write a dictionary entry for your word. Provide the word, the part of speech (provide at least one), and the definition(s). Include the pronunciation if possible (type IPA here). Then write example sentences that use your invented word in context. 

5. Publish your post and share a link to it in the comments below. 

6. Read Invent-a-Word Writing Challenge posts from other bloggers, and try to find out if an actual English word/synonym exists for any of these words. If you find a synonym, share it with your friend in the comments of their post. 

My Example: 

bookrapt | adjective |  /ˈbʊkˌræpt/ 

describes how a reader feels when she is so wrapped up in a good book that she can't stop thinking about it or reading it; she feels this way even when she is not actively reading the book, because there is always something to look forward to

Example: I can't wait to finish work today. I'm bookrapt with this latest Harry Potter novel. 


bookrapture | noun | /ˈbʊkˌ'ræpchəɾ

a feeling of deep connection with a book that one is in the process of reading; a feeling that remains even when one is not presently reading the book

Example: My daughter has a serious case of bookrapture. She is reading a vampire series and won't even come down for dinner. 


 debookrapt | adjective (negative) | /di-bʊkˌræpt/

describes the empty feeling one has when NOT in the process of reading a good book; describes the frustrated feeling of wanting to find something good to read, but being unable to do so 

Example: I must get to the library. I am debookrapt now that I'm finished Margaret Atwood's latest novel.

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