Hello, everyone. I am Tam. I am Japanese. I write about Japanese culture and my thought in my blog of Englishclub. I made this group to know other countrie's cultures and introduce Japanese culture. Please tell your countrie's culture. 

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  • Hello friend I'm from Angola 🇦🇴 And in my country there are many types of cultures. But I'm going to talk about the most known in angolano.
    1 we have "kuduro"[ is a music style from angola]
    We dance💃 it very quick and we sing also quick and is seen a marginal style 😪
    But at the party can not miss😀😃😄
  • Hi, my dear friend
  • Hi Tam! My name is Phoenix, I live in Hanoi which is capital of Viet Nam. My country has a lot of special culture features. If you want to find out more about Vietnam's culture, please don't hesitate to contact me, we will talk about it . Thank you !
  • Hi Tam,I'am from Turkey in Istanbul.I want to know your cultere
  • Hi Tam
    Nice to meet you 🙂
  • I am from Pakistan word
    Pakistan consists of two words pak means pure/pious people and Stan means place.Pakistan is a agricultur
  • Nebutamaturi is Japanese famous festival. People parade with very big dolls called Dashi on the street. This festival is very beautiful and exuberant. Many people visit this festival in summer.

  • Its a shame that our new word is destrying ...in other hand it is god to preserve those intersting places..it tells a lot about ouselfs
  • i'm from Ethiopia i would like to tell about LALIBELA
    The 11 medieval monolithic cave churches of this 13th-century 'New Jerusalem' are situated in a mountainous region in the heart of Ethiopia near a traditional village with circular-shaped dwellings. Lalibela is a high place of Ethiopian Christianity, still today a place of pilmigrage and devotion.2390055876?profile=original

  • Hello!!! I am Gustavo from Brazil. Here have a lot kind of places, beautiful beaches and forests. But in the center of my country have a wonderfull place, is Mato Grosso do Sul, there exists beautiful rivers with crystal-clear waters.2390055834?profile=original

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