• 01. I twisted my knee while playing football.                     .(twist)

    02. My back itches as it is covered in a rash.                     ..(itch)

    03. Cigarette smoke always irritates my eyes.                   .(irritate)

    04. Too much of food upset my stomach.                          .(upset)

    05. My thighs tingled after I got out of the swimming pool. (tingle)

    06. An unbearable pain shot down my neck.                        (shoot)

    07. I felt like dying when the pain stabbed at my chest.     ..(stab)

    08. My feet started to throb halfway through the marathon  (throb)

    09. I got a cramp in my leg after running on the treadmill.  ..(cramp)

    10. I tore my calf muscle while playing badminton.              (tear)

    11. My forehead is burning as I’ve got a fever.                   (burn)  

    12. My fingers were numbed with the cold.                         (numb) 

    • Excellent! 

  • For example: 

    I have a headache. 

    My throat hurts. 

    I think I sprained my ankle. 

    • Sometimes short of breath

    • stomachache, fatigue or sleepy, back pain or uncomfortable

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