The docs certainly give very strange names to the diseases :-)

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Are fruits/vegetables a routine part of your daily diet?

With we moving on to the era of technology, one major tragedy is lacking concern for our own health.... yup, believe me or not, we are least concerned about our diet for we have prioritized other things over it.  With we becoming more and more dependent on machines, our sedentary life style has added more insult to our dietary habits, we being more interested in artificial foods rather than natural ones. Fruits/vegetables should be, rather must be a part of our daily diet because no matter how…

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what Myths about health do you believe in?

A myth is a widely held false belief to which a person sticks despite it been proven untrue. Even though their falseness is obvious, sometimes they are too strong to resist, for eyes see what mind believes.  Salute to the grandmas, for these little dubious things (commonly called old wives' tales) are usually heard from our superstitious grandparents and as long as they are alive myths tree will remain green. We can't call these Myths bulls**t because our mind is fraught with uncertainty about…

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Stomach ache: simple ways to avoid it

I think all of you will agree with the fact that most of us at times have been bothered by Stomach ache. Stomach ache, when occurs puts us in quite a bit of suffering lasting for days. Consider stomach the driver your body, a driver in good health will keep away the worries of the passengers.Talking of the culprits, Overeating is at the top. I know a growing youth has a wolf in his/her tummy but put no compromise to heath for just filling your desire. Interestingly, coffee and tea are also…

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5 Replies · Reply by williamlawson Nov 23, 2021

Iron deficiency anemia; a common disease.

Even though in the modern world of today, where individual health is very much taken care of, iron deficiency anemia is quite common in most countries. Obviously the diet of most, if not all, frequently contain meat and fruits, which are rich in iron, than how does this type of anemia develop? The reason is not the dietary deficiency, but it’s the increased physiological demands at times of rapid growth, such as infancy and puberty, and during pregnancy in females. Gastric acid is required for…

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