Iron deficiency anemia; a common disease.

Even though in the modern world of today, where individual health is very much taken care of, iron deficiency anemia is quite common in most countries. Obviously the diet of most, if not all, frequently contain meat and fruits, which are rich in iron, than how does this type of anemia develop? The reason is not the dietary deficiency, but it’s the increased physiological demands at times of rapid growth, such as infancy and puberty, and during pregnancy in females. Gastric acid is required for absorption of iron and drugs that decrease the acid secretion of stomach (PPIs) may contribute to lack of iron availability from diet. Increased iron demands during these periods may outstrip absorption resulting in iron deficiency anemia. Other than these, occult gastrointestinal blood loss, as in case of gastritis, peptic ulcer, hookworm infestations or chronic use of pain killers (NSAIDS) may cause this type of anemia.

The sign symptoms are usually related to lack of oxygen delivery to the tissues resulting in lethargy, easy fatigability, shortness of breath, and generalized pallor.

The prevention can be best made by a healthy diet during periods of increased demands and giving consideration to sign and symptoms that are mostly not taken care of.

Albeit, keeping optimism high, we consider overselves fit and healthy, who know we may be one of the victims of this non-lethal but a common disease.

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