Stomach ache: simple ways to avoid it

I think all of you will agree with the fact that most of us at times have been bothered by Stomach ache. Stomach ache, when occurs puts us in quite a bit of suffering lasting for days. Consider stomach the driver your body, a driver in good health will keep away the worries of the passengers.Talking of the culprits, Overeating is at the top. I know a growing youth has a wolf in his/her tummy but put no compromise to heath for just filling your desire. Interestingly, coffee and tea are also among the list of culprits and chocolates are no less an enemy. I know the coffee and chocolate lovers are gonna mind this but believe me I'm just helping you out.Comming to the preventive measures,Here are a few simple things that you can do to avoid being a victim of Stomach ache1- Never eat to your full, alway leave some room to swing the cat. Best strategy is to fill one third of your stomach with food, one third with water and leave the remaining one third for air.2- Alway drink water at the beginning of your meals or at most, in the middle but try avoiding it at the end of your meals.3- Don't lay down imidiately after taking your meal. Best is to walk a few yards after eating. Force yourself in a sitting posture at least 2 hours after meals. Time your dinner 2 hours before your bed time.4- Avoid too much of a spice and oil in your meals.5- Lessen your coffees and teas per day. Avoid chocolates.6- Last but not the least, thank Allah Almighty after eating your meal for He is the one to put health in what you eat.Well, Just in case you need to know the logics behind these advices, here are a fewPour sugar in a bottle to make it half full and fill the rest of it with water to its brim such that there is no room left. Close the cap and try to mix the sugar. I bet you won't be able to do it. Now pour some of the water out to make room for the air and then try to mix the sugar. You will find it much easier than before. Same is the case with stomach. A full stomach never can mix food properly and ache starts as soon as it get disturbed.Water at the beginning of the meal gives stomach a feeling of fullness so that the amount of food you eat is reduced. A feeling of satiety is a good thing for health after all.And to tell a bit of anatomy, At the lower end of the Esophagus where it joins the stomach there lies a sphincter that prevent food from regurgitating back once it has entered the stomach. Anything that relaxes this sphincter e.g coffee, tea, chocolate will cause the acidic food to regurgitate back, thus causing pain and discomfort.To conclude my discussion I emphasise that by just few simple modifications in your dietary habits a huge health issue can be best avoided. Prevention is the best cure after all.Your valuable comments are much awaited.

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  • Haha...

    SNR think where else do you have sphincters in your body :D

    Sooner or later you will wonder why you have intense urge to pee after drinking cofee/tea :p

  • AG, need not to mention my generosity :D

    You are welcome to let me know about any health issue tat you want me to write on.

  • it's nice to read English in the medical field.. So, I thank you so much for inviting me to the group and to the blog..
    it was useful.. keep it up :)

  • Yeah, it do. In fact, there is disease named GERD; gastro-esophageal reflux disease, in which coffee and chocolates should be best avoided.

    Adding to your knowledge, it relaxes other sphincters too :D, you know what I mean:)

  • @rahul, if you haven't had it yet then this doesn't mean you are resistant to it. Your stomach would be fighting real hard to stay healthy but once it gets ill, it will make your purse go light.

    So better change your habits of eating or else plant a tree that grows money. :D

    Thanks for you comments btw.
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