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To keep and My English Club a safe, friendly and fun place to learn and practise English.

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Admin: Tara Benwell
MyEC Blogs: Expector Smith
MyEC Video: Robbie
MyEC Chat Room: Nadira Moosin Asad, Ario
MyEC Photo Gallery: Junko and Grace
EC Forums: Dixie and Vega
MyEC Forum: Nafis
General Duties: Heaven

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  • To our  new  co  admin Mr Garfield  Archivist 
    and  all  the  best  wishes  to you  sir  ....

  • Hi once again! I found Mohammed's profile page. He encountered technical problem while trying to edit his profile page. His blogs and other activities were gone. I learned the info based on his latest activity posts.

    Are there ways to prevent this kind of technical problem? Any tips would be appreciated! : )

  • I've sent M. a message on twitter. Hopefully we will hear back from him. He's a very important member of MyEC! 

  • He does not seem to be here :(and he being one of the earlier moderators .  Does any one of you know his email ?

  • Good day or good evening!

    Has anyone seen Mohammed El.Adawy? He's our former video mod. It looks like his EC page or account was deactivated. Just asking since he's a great friend of mine. Thanks!


  • Congratulations, Teacher Anele! You are truly deserving to be the new and official moderator because of your creative writing skills. Welcome to our team! I'm pretty sure you'll do your work very well and be rational in modding the blogs.

    Wishing you the best of luck!

    Cheers! : )

  • Congrats, teacher Anele. It's a good news for all our EC members. I'm happy for you and welcome to the team! ^_^


  • Congratulations Anele, finally you become an official moderator. Welcome to the group :)

  • So glad  to see you officially as moderator  dear Anele 

    Welcome  aboard  :)Photo

  • Please welcome Anele to EC's Mod team! She will be helping mod MyEC blogs. Anele has been acting as a mod for a long time! Now it's official. 

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MyEC Forum Moderators

Thank you for agreeing to be part of our moderating team! Please familiarize yourself with the general guidelines that apply to all volunteers. Special Permissions of Forum ModeratorsYour name has been added to the side bar of MyEC (If you do not want to be identified, please let us know). Your permissions have been changed by admin. You can now: feature a discussionedit a discussionedit a post in a discussionclose a discussion (so no more posts)delete a discussion (so the whole…

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EC Forum Moderators

EC Forum moderators should - report spam posters, then remove spam posts - move spam topics to Trash Can (Josef can then delete the user) - move off-topic or off-forum posts to the relevant topic (new if necessary) or forum - watch for insulting/abusive members and report them (delete any seriously bad posts after reporting the member) - note that in case of doubt entire topics can be moved to the trash can where they will be hidden from other members and Josef can investigate and possibly…

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Chat Room Moderators

Here are the specific duties for Chat Room Moderators: 1. Visit the chat room each time you log in to MyEC. (daily if possible) 2. Watch for abusive language, non-English, disrespect and inappropriate content. 3. Take up any minor concerns with individual members via private message. 4. Teach good members how to use the Ignore button! 5. Notify admin about major concerns (chat abuse, bullying, repeated use of bad language or non-English) via "Report a Member" form (bottom of page). Go to the…

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