MyEC Forum Moderators

Thank you for agreeing to be part of our moderating team! Please familiarize yourself with the general guidelines that apply to all volunteers.


Special Permissions of Forum Moderators

Your name has been added to the side bar of MyEC (If you do not want to be identified, please let us know). Your permissions have been changed by admin. You can now: 

  • feature a discussion
  • edit a discussion
  • edit a post in a discussion
  • close a discussion (so no more posts)
  • delete a discussion (so the whole discussion disappears)


Reference Terms

Please use the following terms when referring to the MyEC Forum. This will make it easier for members and admin when discussing the forum:

  • The section of MyEC is called Forum (not Forums)
  • The Forum contains Categories (Tech HELP, General Discussion, more soon)
  • Each category contains Discussions (the topics or threads)
  • Each discussion contains Posts (replies from members)


Role of Forum Moderator


  • Report spam posters (using the Report a Member form), then remove spam posts.
  • Ask forum posters to move off-topic or off-forum posts (example TECH HELP stuff or reports of bad members) to the relevant topic or form.
  • Recommend better areas for some types of discussion. (eg. chat room for back and forth chatting or blog for long opinion posts) 
  • Watch for insulting/abusive members and report them. (Delete any seriously bad posts/discussions after reporting the member.)
  • Be watchful and report potential problems (easiest is to click report a member).
  • Feature discussions that are popular or very interesting. (If you think one deserves to be mentioned in the monthly newsletter, please send a link to Tara by the 27th of the month.)
  • Edit discussions (Do this only if necessary for clarification-not for every spelling error or typo. You can also ask the forum poster to edit the discussion.)
  • Leave a response for those who have had 0 replies for a few days. (If you know of a member who may be able to respond, make a suggestion.)
  • Participate in general moderation throughout the site.

Tips for forum mods

  • Don't throw your weight around.
  • Don't get into slanging matches.
  • Remain objective at all times.
  • If in doubt about the relevancy of a topic, contact admin.


Rules and Guidelines for using the MyEC Forum (for members)

Under the Forum Tab you will see Forum Guidelines. Please share this link with any member who seems to be unaware of the rules or guidelines.:
  • Use English only.
  • Check to make sure your topic hasn't already been used before posting.
  • Make sure that your discussion has been placed in the correct category.
  • Moderate posts on your own discussions by responding when necessary. Report a member if someone spams or writes abusive language on your discussion. 
  • Do not link to commercial products or advertise commercial products in the forum.
  • Do not use the forum to notify members of your new blog posts or content. 
  • Do not use the forum for informal chats that go back and forth (use the chat room)
  • Do not use the forum for a long opinion piece or essay (write a blog post).
  • Double check the spelling in your title.
  • Keep your title short and simple.
  • Avoid using all capital letters. 
  • Use proper punctuation. (Avoid repetitive punctuation, such as ??????)
  • Do not ask for Tech HELP in the general forum.

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