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Photo Moderators

Approving Photos
All photos are reviewed before being accepted. On the right hand side you will see a link to photos that are waiting to be approved. Please accept or decline these photos each time you log into MyEC. Familiarize yourself with MyEC's P

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Video Moderators

Video Moderators can:
tag videos
feature videos
delete videos
delete comments on videos
flag content

Please feature a few of the best videos each week by clicking "Feature" on the video you like. Also, please leave comments on videos regula

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Chat Room Moderators

Here are the specific duties for Chat Room Moderators:

1. Visit the chat room each time you log in to MyEC. (daily if possible)
2. Watch for abusive language, non-English, disrespect and inappropriate content.
3. Take up any minor concerns with indi

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Detecting Plagiarism

plagiarise/plagiarize (v) = copy someone else's work and pretend that it is one's ownplagiarism (n) = an act of plagiarisingNote: copying is not clever. Copying someone's work and putting it on MyEC does not help a member learn English. That learner

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Blog Moderators

Blog Moderators can:tag blogsfeature blogsdelete blog postsdelete commentsflag blogsFeaturingPlease feature a few of the best blogs each week. Also, please leave comments on blogs regularly (especially for new members who do not have readers yet). Yo

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