Thank you for agreeing to be a volunteer moderator for MyEC! As this community grows we will rely more on dedicated members like you to keep this a friendly, safe and enjoyable site for learning, teaching, practising and sharing English. We select moderators who have proven to be long term role-models. Having strong English skills is important.

All moderators are assigned a specific section of the site to watch over, such as blogs, photos, video or chat. You will receive separate details about your specific role. We also ask that all moderators help out with a few general duties.


Report Members
Use the Report a Member link to notify admin of any illegal conduct or membership concerns that are outside your specific moderating powers. You should go to the bad member's page first and thenclick Report Member; in that case the member's name and link will be automatically inserted by the system. Next clearly state the exact concern. For example:
This member is leaving rude comments on walls.


This member is using abusive language in the chat room.

Report Spammers and Scammers

We moderate new membership (ie, all new signups have to be approved manually); however, some illegitimate members still find their way in. There should be no toleration of spam or scams. Typical spammers and scammers:

  • leave notes on walls, groups and inboxes with links to external sites that are unrelated to English learning
  • leave many identical notes in a short period of time
  • often include and/or request an email address
  • invite members to contact them off site
  • make generous offers such as an opportunity to work in an English-speaking country

Their usual objective is to make money from unsuspecting members. Please watch out for these scams and report them immediately.

Protect Copyright
We are doing our best to encourage members to obey the rules of intellectual property. Please review the rules yourself and make sure you are following them .Keep in mind that many learners do not know the rules. You can help us teach members that the Internet is not entirely in the public domain by sharing a link to this page:

Welcome Members
We ask that all moderators join the Welcoming Committee group. Each time you log on, please take a moment to welcome a few new members by clicking on the Members tab. You can introduce yourself and share a link to a page, group or resource of interest such as FAQ or Technical HELP (familiarize yourself with all of the tabs). Please use new members' walls for welcoming purposes (not the send a message link). Please add your own ideas for welcoming members in the Welcoming Committee group discussions.

Note: we recommend that you do not add too many identical welcome notes in a short space of time. The system may detect these as spam. Please leave as many notes as you like, but make them each a little different.

Answer Technical HELP Questions
Please visit Technical HELP regularly. If you know the answer to a question, please answer it. If you click "Follow" at the end of the page you receive an email any time new activity is published.

Please send questions and concerns about MyEC to the administrator via the "Send a Message" button (not the administrator's wall). Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. Please notify the administrator if you know you will be unavailable to sign in to MyEC for more than three days due to vacation, illness or other circumstances. If you decide you no longer have time or interest in moderating, please inform admin.

After completing 3 months or more of successful moderating, we will on request be happy provide you with a personalized reference letter that you can use when looking for a job or applying for a school program. You can also add MyEC to your voluntary work experience on a resume, and link to your MyEC page and posts. We hope you will agree that being a voluntary moderator is an excellent way for you to improve your English.

Thank you for agreeing to be part of the moderating team. We are very happy to have you on board!