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Do you use twitter to practise English? Many twitter users call this #twinglish.

Here is an easy guide on How to use twitter.
Here are some twitter tips for English learners.

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  • Thanks Rafal. I'll follow you back !!
  • Please follow me :) @kukingdom
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Follow the Founder of #Twinglish

Mayumi Ishihara is the founder of #twinglish on Twitter. She wrote a popular book called Tweeting in English on Twitter.Please follow Mayumi and ask her to join MyEC! You could also write a blog entitled, "Why Mayumi Ishihara should Join MyEC."Not on Twitter? What are you waiting for?

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Connect your MyEC account to Twitter

You can connect your MyEC status updates to twitter. Each time you change your MyEC status, your twitter status will also change. This is a great way to "kill two birds with one stone". It is also a nice way to share MyEC with the world. Your tweets will say that they came from MyEC.Here's how to connect your MyEC account to your twitter account:1. Go to your Profile Box2. Click Settings3. Click Connections4. Choose Twitter. Add your twitter ID. (You can also add Facebook.)5. Change your MyEC…

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#Twinglish and other Learning English tags

#twinglish is a hashtag. It stands for twitter in English. A hashtag is a key word used on twitter. It helps you search on twitter. If you want to practise English with other learners and teachers, use the #twinglish tag. Add it at the end of every tweet. Follow others who use the tag by typing #twinglish into the twitter search field.What other tags do English learners use on twitter?#Engpls#English#Engtwit

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