• It Must be donkey, because it is very strong longlife annimal, hardworker and it is not ill easily. And the most importand one is it leads the caravan, the english clup leads us :)
  • I think that the mascot of englishclub must not be selected from animals. Must be a people such as a baby. Because babies work to speak a language. Like a baby we want to learn and speak a language... :)
    • You say true things. Ok. But consider a baby, who endeavors to speak something in his/her language. Like he/she, we work to do the same thing.
    • ...But you forget,birds and animals have a very visual and symbolic metaphor!

  • I can say it will be like fish
  • Sign of peace
  • I agree with the parrot because he utters like a human, as he rises in the sky, also he have a beautiful shape and colors.

    • Yes a parrot or the Indian Mynah -who is equally adept at speech!

  • the cat

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