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Share an example sentence to demonstrate an English tense or grammar point. Use real members and experiences from EnglishClub in your sentence.

Please volunteer a few minutes of your time in this group. Check the replies and offer corrections where necessary. Add your own examples. Make sure they are about members or experiences related to EC! More information here.

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  • Hi! friends,

    It seems that this is a nice place for learners!

    Good Luck!



    Hi Milat,


    We are in the same boat, don't worry making mistakes, you can be realized where you have problem in your progress, we are all in the same situation.

    Grammar rules are exciting topic that I love very much,

    Good Luck, I hope to built an effective way for yourself,

  • I need to speak English.

  • Hi Tara.. I need to understand the use of "Whereupon"..
  • Hi to everyone! Keep up the good work that you're all doing here! I look forward to helping you as you learn more and more! :D
  • i'm pleased to join this Group learner But i just talking with peoples if any One wanna voice chat with me i'm ready add me its my yahoo ID saddiqzia@yahoo.com soonest see u
  • Hi there;

    iam so much glad for being with you in this group.really iwant your help to bring my lungauge

  • I still confuse about "have had" Tara. Can you explain it to us? Maybe the others also have the same question...
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Incorrect pavement signs

 I think many of us ,walking roads every day without noticing incorrect signs that are on pavements.Some of them have grammar mistakes and other can not be understood,so the questions are: how many times do you see signs of incorrect sentences without noticing that or ignoring them ?Did you discuss these things with  teachers,lingusits,experts,..etc to be familiar with them in future ?Can you see where mistakes in the following ?

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Prepositions of Place

Examples:I sometimes place a WordChecker at the bottom of the article in ESL Magazine. This is a glossary.My son likes drawing on the floor when his favourite movie is on TV. He only looks up when the movie is at his favourite part. His paper and crayons are always scattered everywhere. The drawing stuff is rarely in the drawer.Learn more about Prepositions of Place here.Add your own examples of prepositions of place. Don't forget to make your sentences memorable (about you or the EC community)…

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Irregular Verbs

ExampleI wore an EnglishClub.com sweatshirt at the 2010 Olympics.I wonder if Anna's family has eaten this cake yet?The photo moderator has chosen the featured photo for this month's MyEC newsletter.Learn more about irregular verbs here.Irregular Verb ListNow write your own example sentences. Your sentences should be about EnglishClub.com's community. Be sure to include links where possible. This will make your example interactive and memorable.

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a, an, the

Example:Here is a tutorial on how to add a hyperlink.Karenne Sylvester is an English teacher.Have you joined the Smart Phones and Fun Tablets group yet?Learn more about definite and indefinite articles here.

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