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  • hello onee-chan 

    thanks for add me i hope to got your dreams

  • o thanks you so much for your nice msg. i really liked it.

    i am fine. i also missed you too in previous days...!!! thanks for being my sister..:)

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  • Sure, I did smile seeing this baby!

  • @Onee,

    Thanks for your good wishes.  I will be active soon.  Just a bit depressed (for no specific reason).  It will pass, too.

  • I do hope your students get the marks they deserve on their National Exams. Those who work hard should be rewarded for their efforts.

    I like your idea of studying their books to help your technical knowledge. Do you know about Khan Academy (online free lessons)? Much of the Math/science material may be too simple for you but the English they use to teach the materials would be very good for you. If you haven't seen it please have a look. I like it  :)

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  • You are welcome
  • Hi Onee-chan :) thanks for accepted my request for friendship :)

    I hope you can help me to improve my english.

    see you arround :)

  • The photos at the beach were especially nice. I can tell the kids really enjoy being with you.

    As for your teaching, it looks like your are very good in the sciences and math. Both Chemistry and Physics require a better than normal mathematics ability. I also love the sciences, but lean more toward biological sciences. I spent a lot of time researching plants and how people make use of them in different cultures.  I would teach Anthropology or Biology overseas if I could, but my skills as an English teacher are what schools are interested in.

    May I ask what age groups you are teaching? I am also curious about how serious the students are about learning and how well behaved they are. Enjoy your time teaching and try to read some things related to your teaching subjects in English. It wil be more difficult than in your own language but will help you develop your knowledge and your English.

    Take care :D

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