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Round 62. It is a noun

Hi, my friends! As I have been honored to host this round, I am happy to introduce you my word.

1. It is a noun.

2. We can see and touch my word.

3. It starts with a consonant.

4. It is a common countable noun.

5. It is a living thing.

6. It is a compound

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ROUND 60 The name of a person

Our kind Onee let me some days off before posting next round and I must thank her and all member players for your patience and it's just the same I keep on asking if I'm not so quickly responding :)I won't tell any clue in the beginning since I belie

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As per the request of the Admin (Onee) I have the honor to your next host, though the winner of the last game is respected, Tanya.

Ok my word in this round is a VERB.

So now guys, get started! Ask your questions as per rule of the game.


1. It's a

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Hi dear all players.....

Let's start over this game. :)) I mean let's continue the round. :)

Please ask me YES/NO Question and Guess My Word! :))


2) an abstract, countable, uncountable noun

3) it starts with cons

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Round 58 - IT IS A Quote.

Hello everyone,

Let me please welcome you all, to a new round of Guess My Word Game, hosted by me. I almost announced myself as host for this round :)

I really hope to see many of you here, because there are quite many Group Members, who hasn't bee

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Round 58 : It's a noun

It's my turn to host round 58.sorry for making you wait a bit long.

Hints :
1. It's a noun

2. It's related to human

3. It starts with a consonant

4. It defines human activity.

5. It has 2 syllables

6. It relates to addiction to something

7. It has 8 lette

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Round 56. It is a noun

Hi, everyone! I will be hosting this round and let's start. I am waiting for your Tes/No questions.

1. It is a countable noun.

2. It is a common noun.

3. It somehow relates to people.

4. It relates to some human activity but doesn't define activity itsel

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Round 56: It is an adjective

I won the last round quite unexpected. I ask you for an adjective, please start your questions.

( Please be a little patient with me when I don't answer immediately.)


1. it starts with a vowel

2. It starts with "U"

3. It's an abstract characteris

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