Round 21A Countable Noun ----> 'PARANYMPH' hosted by Mishaikh won by Onee-chan

Round 22A Noun or Verb ----> 'SMIRK' hosted by Onee-chan won by Hayah

Round 23A Noun or Adjective ----> 'ERUDITE' hosted by Hayah won by Saba

Round 24: An Object ----> 'OLYMPICS MASCOT VINICIUS' hosted by Saba, won by Mishaikh

Round 25: A Verb ----> 'TITIVATE' hosted by Mishaikh won by Coral

Round 26: A Proper Noun ----> 'ANASTASIA NIKOLAEVNA' hosted by Coral won by Hayah

Round 27: A Person ----> 'ITINERANT' hosted by Hayah won by Miskhaikh

Round 28: A Verb or Noun ----> 'GORMANDIZE' hosted by Mishaikh won by ELF Noor

Round 29: A Noun ----> 'LASSITUDE' hosted by ELF Noor won by Danny Clark

Round 30: A Noun ----> 'HOMILOPHOBIA' hosted by Danny Clark by Lady Noor

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