ROUND 60 The name of a person

Our kind Onee let me some days off before posting next round and I must thank her and all member players for your patience and it's just the same I keep on asking if I'm not so quickly responding :)I won't tell any clue in the beginning since I believe it's an easy word, well only that it's a proper noun.Good luck everyone!

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  • Uhm so bad... with that character we could have learnt a lil bit about literature.

    But oh well.. people here just wanna learn random weird words.

    (My 'humble opinion' is that we should be a lil bit more open to try something 'different'... at least just out of curiosity to see where could lead us)

  • Dear Estanis

     Though this is interesting but a deviation from the usual pattern of "Guess My Word" In this type of game we mostly do not ask letters but other questions to ascertain the personality or the thing asked. I am not sure the participants are used to this game or not. Anyway, I am sure that our intense strive will be to know the personality of the person asked NOT THE WORD. (vocabulary).

    This is my very humble opinion with the permission of the Admin.

  • Dear Mishaikh, Evangelina, Ag, Dara, Muskan, Andy and Onee...

    Sorry for declaring this round as null but it seems my word doesn't fit with the rules. I'll search for another one in round 61.
    In case any of you were curious about this word it was William Shakespeare :)
  • Dear Estanis and all,,

    Sorry to have made you not comfortable. :( But, don't we play this game to enrich our vocabulary?

    I just make it clear, not change the rule. :( 


  • Dear Onee, as the manager of this game I'll ask you if I should change my word before going on. I might forgot the rules.
  • Gracias Estanis! Yo no soy buena en eso. I told Mr. Danny, teacher Tanya Onee and Mr. Mishaikh that I am not good at it. But let me try my luck this time. Is this word the handsome, Mr. Estanis?

  • Omg, LoooL, I am so sorry I didn’t read the head line, only the text. So please unnotice ny first comment :))

    My question is; Is this person a male or female?
  • oh my Gosh :D 

    Are you still running with the same loop? :D 

    That's interesting.. 

    Just wanted to greet you all here :) Enjoy your game :)) 

  • Hello Estanis,

    Happy to see you host the game :)

    Let me ask my own favorite question;

    Is this noun related to any human characteristics?

    Appearance? Feelings/Emotions?
  • For this proper noun we have to decide the personality of the person. Is this person alive?
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