ROUND 60. Something typical of a country

So... just it :)- it is a noun.- it starts with a consonant.- it's something physical.- it's not from Europe.- it's a non aquatic animal.- it starts with k.- it's not from Europe, America, Africa, Antártica, Australia (be aware here!)- The country is New Zealand.KIWI IS THE WORD (as an animal) AND ELF NOOR IS THE WINNER!!!CONGRATULATIONS!

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  • Wow, Thank You So much Dear Onee... :)

  • O.k. Onee I catch your hint, no beer in the shop again. Thanks anyway :)
    • Dear Estanis, welcome to our place! We always have enough beer (and not only) in the fridge! LOL!

    • Btw, same here :)
    • Hey Dan...!!

      You can bet I'd join you if I had a chance.
    • You are always welcome! What about whiskey on rocks? LOL!

      Пов’язане зображення

    • You nailed it!!

      ...with a nice chat and solving the word problems after the third one haha..

      Looking forward
  • Thanks a million to all dear players and teachers, Mishaikh, ELF Noor, Evangelina, Luci, Teacher Tanya and Danny, Estanis the host. You're all the best. :)

    Cheers for all of us! ^^

    Image result for flowers friendship


    ELF Noor!!


    You're the next HOST. :))

    Here are some biscuits for you and other payers:)))



    And here for those who don't like sweets. :))



  • Dan, I think I could hear my partner calling me kilometres away too and she's not a kiwi.
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