Round 11: A Noun related to Medical Field ----> 'HALLUCINATION' hosted by ELF Noor

Round 12A Noun or Intransitive Verb ----> 'HEEHAW' hosted by MARY

Round 13An Adjective ----> 'UNDER THE TABLE' hosted by Coral

Round 14A Noun or Adjective ----> 'NEANDERTHAL' hosted by Hayah

Round 15An Uncountable Noun ----> 'DISTILLATION' hosted by Tanya

Round 16A noun ----> 'DULCINEA' hosted by Mishaikh

Round 17A Part of Nature ----> 'ZEPHYR' hosted by Onee-chan

Round 18: An Uncountable Noun ----> 'KATHISOPHOBIA' hosted by Danny Clark

Round 19: A Noun ----> 'PETRICHORhosted by Lady Noor

Round 20: A Noun related to Science ----> 'EXTREMOPHILEShosted by Noaslpls

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