Anytime you have suggestions for this GAME, please share it here!

Thank you very much. :)

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  • Eva,,, :o I'm not sure when to read your comment. Lol.. ..
  • Dear Onee-chan, good morning! I’m hesitant to suggest something because I never win any rounds here, in spite of this, I want to try. First, I read Eva’s suggestion, and I think it is somewhat beneficial, because the chance to be a host will go to rotate to different people, at least they have the chance to know if they can host the game in a different way, it is also a learning tool for them as host. Secondly, I’m looking for some areas/discussion inside this group wherein the given word(s) are used, or there are examples how to use the word, ‘cause you know we got to know the word, and then what? What happens next? (but if there is such a thing here, please guide me through). Lastly, the winner should use the word in 10 possible ways/sentences and try to explain the real meaning of the word, from its origin and so on, (or we can add to Elf-Noor discussion about new vocabulary), I will add that it will be more understandable if the winner could also describe the word in layman’s term.

    That’s it. Thanks for this opportunity to suggest something. I hope this will be put in consideration but if these aren’t useful, no hard feelings..hahaha :D


    (Just to make you smile-whenever there’s a chance, I’m promoting this group because I find it so helpful and worthwhile.:))

  • That's an interesting suggestion Eva :)

    I'd like to participate more as well, but I always come here when the game is over or it's so advanced that I feel lost... I'm always late! That's my curse :(

  • Agree with mishaikh and Eva's last comment.. ^.^
  • Dear Eva and Mishaikh, thanks for your concern anyway. :)

    I will try to ask another host whenever the winner refuse top host the game. Besides, I will try to come up with a new person. However, Mishaikh is right. The host should ever play the game anyway. :)

    PS: I still wish to see you win the game. :))) Please be more active just for once or two..:D

  • I second your suggestion, but it will be more effectively practicable if more and more member participate in this game. I myself number of time try to divert my chance of host to others but there available only those who have already been host number of time.

    Any way I find your suggestion good.
  • Mishaikh,, thank you for your concern. Other friends may also think so.. ..I'd like to,, but give me some time.

    Thank you once again.. :)
  • Would it not be appropriate if you also add

    "won by'?

  • Hi dear Eva, I think I got it. ^_^ 

    Just say again anytime you have more ideas. I'll be glad to hear. By the way, have a nice week! :)

  • Dear Eva, I'm so sorry for my very very belated reply...;)

    Sure you can always share your thoughts about this game here. :). 

    Btw, I'm sorry, actually, I less understood what you mean. LOL.. 'message'? do you mean I send message or comment on wall? I already did it on the discussion where the winner win the game. I thought it's enough, what do you think? Sure I'd like to hear from you. ^_^

    And about participants, do you mean appreciate participants? my dear Eva, as you can see, the hosts did it so well. :)

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