Round 1A Verb -----> "ERR", hosted by Mishaikh.

Round 2: A Noun -----> "COLANDER", hosted by Danny Clark

Round 3: A Clothing Item -----> 'FLIP FLOPS', hosted by Saba

Round 4: A Countable Noun -----> 'FREELOADER', hosted by Onee-chan

Round 5: An Uncountable Noun -----> 'FLEXIBILITY', hosted by Tanya

Round 6: An Adjective related to Phsycology  -----> 'HYPNAGOGIC', hosted by Mishaikh

Round 7: An Adjective related to sensation ------> 'AESTHETIC', hosted by Oporazita

Round 8: A Noun related to sport -----> 'NATATORIUM', hosted by Mishaikh

Round 9: A Noun related to Myths -----> 'CRYPTOZOOLOGIST', hosted by Evangelina

Round 10: A Noun related to Nature ----> 'WILLOW', hosted by Estanis

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