Round 62. It is a noun

Hi, my friends! As I have been honored to host this round, I am happy to introduce you my word.

1. It is a noun.

2. We can see and touch my word.

3. It starts with a consonant.

4. It is a common countable noun.

5. It is a living thing.

6. It is a compound noun.

7. It defines some type of a person.

8. It somehow describes his/her personality.

9. It is not a positive feature.

10. It is person's attitude to what he does in everyday life.

11. My special hint. Such people are disorganized.

12. It doesn't strat with R, M, T, D, P, B, K.

My word is a SCATTERBRAIN. It defines a person who tends to be disorganized and lacking for concentration. We can also use it as an adjective with -ED ending SCATTERBRAINED.

Please, start asking me your YES/NO questions.

Let's have a great weekend!

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  • Thank you to the admin of the group, to the hosting round and every participant.

    I must say I'm also sort of scatter brained, actually my mother used to tell it me loooong time ago hahaha... well anyway I try to enjoy all my attitudes, even the not so positive ones :D

    Btw Danny, I can see you've a so refined way to treat your guests. I accept with pleasure!
  • Congratulations Estanis.
  • Dear Onee, I think my word describes most of EC learners. As to witches, I can't say for sure. My witch is very concentrated on what she is up to these days! Hahaha!

    • Ah, I meant it, MyEC Learners. :D


      Scatterbrain :D

  • Teacher Dan,,

    Let me say...I love this word. WOw....!!! Does it describe some witch here?? :D

    Thanks a lot for hosting the round. Never not precious. ^^

    Anyone can suggest who will be the next host. I think Esta will seriously beat Mishaikh's score. lol.

  • Wowwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just left for a while. But...



    Teacher Dan has given you a gift. I'm poor now. Excuse me please... LOOOOOOL

    Flowers for the winner...^^^^

    Image result for flowers

  • ******Congratulations*****
    Estanis Sir... ^.^
  • Sorry, dear! We have got a winner!

  • YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! We have a winner! However, my word is a noun. It is 

    a scatterbrain

    Anyway, you are a wimmer, Estanis! My congratulations!!!!!!!!!! There is always something to propose to a thirsty man in my store! Hahaha!

    Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "wine, whiskey pic"

  • Is this have any relation with age??? I means this kind of attitude depends on age?
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