• Thank you Onee-chan :) I will try it
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    We will help, Baho. Just read the rules and please try.... ^_^

    You're hosting the Round 58.

  • thank you Mishaikh and Bet :) i prefer to be  guesser rather than host. i don't know how to play this game.

    Mishaikh said:

    Congratulations Baho.  You are the next host.

     1. It is an adjective. So, now lets start asking your yes/no question, please!
  • Congratulations Baho.  You are the next host.

  • Thanks Tanya for your help!

  • Dear Bet, thanks for the word and for hosting the game.

    Let me add that the synonym for POTABLE is DRINKABLE. The last is commonly used in English

  • So...our winner is Baho! Congrates! My word was POTABLE.

    And, guys, I am really sorry for taking much more time!

  • Thank you so Much, Bet. But, but, but.... Who is the WINNER??? and what is the WORD?? Lol....
  • Bet, this is not about that. We might just need more clues. Hope you don't mind hosting again next time. :) Btw, The new rule is..... If you won the game again in five rounds, you don't need to host. I'll find another one, I'm trying to make the game colorful... :)) Everyone should experience in hosting.... Ha...ha...
  • see, I should not be the host of any game in

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