MyEC is the place where I not only learned English but also made awesome friends from across the globe. I once used to be one of the very active members of MyEC and would spend most of my time here. Then I got…

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I've always been fond of eating salad, so much so that I find any meal incomplete without it. Breakfast is an exception, by the way. Even when I was a kid I would eat my lunch or dinner…

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Aren't They Tired?

Nowadays, I've noticed that MyEC members fight too much on the issues like gender and religion. It seems like everyone is too stubborn to understand other person's views. Irony is that people keep fighting and keep trying to convince others…

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nida commented on Lady Anne's video
"Anne, even if he's not a native speaker, he was born and is being raised in an English speaking cou…"
Jun 24, 2019
nida commented on nida's video
"I just love this song! :)"
Jun 24, 2019
nida commented on nida's video
"A tavern is a place of business where people gather to drink alcoholic beverages and be served food…"
Jun 24, 2019
nida commented on nida's video
"Why does it sound exaggerated to you, Robbie? :)"
Jun 24, 2019
nida commented on nida's video
"Once upon a time there was a tavernWhere we used to raise a glass or twoRemember how we laughed awa…"
Jun 24, 2019
nida commented on nida's video
"You're welcome, Robbie. It indeed is a very interesting video."
Jun 24, 2019
nida commented on Robbie's video
Thank you for sharing this video with us, Robbie. :)"
Jun 24, 2019
nida commented on nida's video
"You're welcome, Dara Gino! Btw, I have no idea what else you wrote in your comment. What language i…"
Jun 24, 2019

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  • Hi Nida,

    i haven’t been reading lately. I was busy moving from Japan to Austin. Now I’m busy going through the things I own to eliminate the extras. I have to make room to live in a small apartment. I had to start from the beginning to get a driving license here and still working on getting medical coverage. This is the first time I’ve checked my page this year. It is so nice to hear from you and I will think about good books. What genre are you most interested in?

  • Hi Nida. I hope you are doing well. Have you read anything interesting lately?

    I miss communicating with you. 

  • Dear Nida,


    Stay blessed and have happy life.. ^_^

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  • Missing ya, too, dear!... But I miss your red table more!

  • Sometimes here..

    Sometimes there...

    But you are always in my thought and my heart...



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  • 2643757817?profile=originalHave a lovely weekend dear nida! Hope you are doing good and great.

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Sometimes here, sometimes there :)

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