I've always been fond of eating salad, so much so that I find any meal incomplete without it. Breakfast is an exception, by the way. Even when I was a kid I would eat my lunch or dinner halfheartedly if salad wasn't there. If something else wasn't available, I would thinly slice onions and tomatoes and sprinkle them with salt and black pepper and add juice of a of the yummiest salads of world is ready to eat! Add finely sliced green chili and chopped coriander if you like. :)

Last night, I was browsing through MyEC gallery and I found a photo of salad leaf water cress posted by lovely Adaline Bala. I've seen water cress(I wish what I've seen is the same thing people eat as salad!) but I never knew people eat it. So I became curious what other vegetables and fruit are eaten as salad by people living in different countries. Below I'm sharing the names of vegetables that are eaten as salad in my home.

1. Tomatoes

2. Onions

3. Green mangoes

4. Radishes and Daikon


6. Lettuce


7. Cabbage

8. Lemon

9. Carrots

10. Beetroots

11. Capsicum

12. Coriander and green chilies(as an addition to some salads in small quantity)

13. Cucumber (OMG! I almost forgot the most commonly eaten vegetable!)

14. Armenian cucumber

I know people eat spinach as salad but I personally haven't tried that yet. I also am aware that people add different kinds of fruit like apples and oranges to their salads but I don't think I'd like it. To me salad means RAW VEGETABLES! :)

May I know what vegetables or fruit do you eat as salad? And most important, do you like salad?

Garden Salad - lettuce, riped tomatoes, cucumber with Italian or Caesar dressing

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  •      Wow, it seams very deletions!!! But, personally, I prefer it with a little pieces of breast roasted  chicken.2643790025?profile=original

  • oppss... I forgot to add mayonnaise!

  • In my place, vegetable salads are infamous.  When hearing the word "salad", what comes into our minds is the sweet macaroni salad or the buko salad.  The main ingredients of our salad are condensed milk, fruit cocktail, buko meat or macaroni, raisins, sweet corn, nata de coco, gelatin and cream.  We just mix them all. 

    This is how our macaroni salad looks like:


    And this is how our buko salad looks like:


    Other common salads are chicken salad and potato salad....


    Can you fix this?

    I've always been fond of eating salad,

  • made me..."to slaver over your salad". Yum..yum...oh, it's good for my "over boby" hahaha....

  • Mainly we prepare salad with onion, cucumber, tomato, dried mint powder, Verjuice, salt, black pepper powder. We call it Shirazi Salad.

    We also have salads with red and white cabbage, lettuce, carrots, etc. No borders for making salads. We have variety of them! What I said is just an example.

    Thanks for the Yummy Topic.


  • We always eat rice and curry for lunch. Everyday my mother prepares a salad that goes with the type of rice she makes. She prepares carrot and pegaga salad for white rice. Union, cucumber, tomato and spinach salads for biryani and other kinds of rice. 

    I like the salads that have pineapple or pomegranate in them. On hot days, we add curd to the salads instead of lemon. 

    Thanks for this mouth-watering post, dear Nida. :)

  • Btw I also love black olives in the salad..yummee :)
  • Nice non-controversial topic. Finally :P
    Nobody can argue about salads... I hope! 

    I love salads; it's basically all what I eat in summer. My fav one is a simple tomato salad dressed with olive oil, oregano, salt and pepper. Sometimes I also add tuna or chilli pepper. Refreshing tomatoes + hot pepper is a really great mixture... Yummy! :3

    Btw, I'm one of those who likes to add fruits like apple to some kind of salads :)

  • Yummm... I love salad. Sometimes even when eating out with friends, I will just order salad, instead of full meals. Over here, there are many green vege that we use to be our salad. And our salad, we don't call it salad, rather we call it 'ulam', or 'kerabu'. Ulam when we eat it as it is, whereas 'kerabu' when we add other ingredients such as 'toasted coconut flesh', dried shrimp, onions, chillies and such. 

    There are many green vege that we eat as ulam or kerabu, but most popular are 'pegaga', 'ulam raja', 'selom' to name a few.

    1. Pegaga


    2. Ulam Raja


    3. Selom


  •  Yum! I love your salad!  For me what makes or breaks a salad is the dressing.  For days when I need something light I'd go for a vinaigrette dressing but on cheat days (which is quite often) I just love a generous amount of rich blue cheese , ranch or avocado dressing. :)

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