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Taking the little time to peek on you :-)
Nov 2, 2021

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  •  Assalaamu'alaikum, sister. 

    How are you? Everything is good here.

    Glad to see you again.

  • Dear Nadiyah,

    Thanks for precious time. Have a nice day! ^_^

    Best wishes,


  • Salam Nadiyah

    How are you my friend

    So long time that I did not hear from you ...sorry my English is weak if I made misstake in writing so please forgive me...okay...where are other friends who they were here?

  • My name is Farid i live in kabul but I am from Kandahar city tawn De khuja...I use this website Myenglishclub since 10 years...I miss my old friends they left this site...but one of them you are here...

  • Hello Nadiyah,

    Yes, I do remember you! Nice to meet you after such a long time, dear. How are you? It's good to see you still active on myenglishclub. 

    Have a lovely weekend, dear Nadiyah...

  • So what's up  for  August  :)

  • Hello Moderator  Nadiyah 

    Do visit


  • welcome and thank you

  • Hello Sister :) 

    some time ago in 2011, I will never forget that you were the first one who welcomed me here with links about how to upload photos, and how to post a blog and so on... 

    It was very nice memory that time.. 

    Thank you so much for everything.. and thanks more and more for the friendship request :) 

  • Thank you for adding me Nadiyah! I'm happy to have you as a friend. Hope we'll bend fit from each other. I'll do as you said in sha Allah☺

This reply was deleted.

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