Aren't They Tired?

Nowadays, I've noticed that MyEC members fight too much on the issues like gender and religion. It seems like everyone is too stubborn to understand other person's views. Irony is that people keep fighting and keep trying to convince others despite knowing the fact that they would never succeed in doing so. Everybody wants to speak, but nobody wants to listen, or more correctly, people only listen to get more reasons to continues their useless debate.

Sometimes I read people's comments and replies to each other and think why don't they just get tired of doing the same thing over and over again? Most of the members would say that this is their way of improving their writing skill. Although I do agree with this to a certain extent, I think people cross their limits more often than not and aren't afraid of hurting their fellow members' feelings. I believe that even the freedom of expression and freedom of speech should have certain limits. The moment someone reaches the point from where they start hurting other human beings' feelings, they should be stopped. This is the very reason all the civilized societies have ethics, laws and values. It looks like, however; that MyEC, which is a virtual society in my personal opinion, doesn't have any, unfortunately. We, the members, come from different countries, have different ethnic backgrounds, have different religious beliefs/or don't have a religious belief at all, etc. If we refrain from indulging in activities that turn friends into foes, MyEC would be a much better place to learn English and make friends.

P.S. Don't even try to start a new debate here. :D

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  • In single word, it is called " CONSPIRACY ".

  •        I have no more to say. 2643790012?profile=original

  • You said don't try to start a new debate. So I am afraid to give my opinion. Maybe you accuse me of fighting!

    Anyway, I think differences are inevitable. Also if someone thinks that he/she has found something true in their life, why not sharing it with others? But I do agree that the way of conveying our thoughts is so important. We shouldn't try to convince the audience with force. We can say our words, then let the audience accept or disapprove it. All in peace.


    "and think why don't they just get tired of doing the same thing over and over again?"

    As your sentence isn't a question, it must not have the form of a question. 

    "and think why they don't just get tired of doing the same thing over and over again."

    Have a nice time dear.


  • Hi Nida,

    I agree with you, though in our reality we can't avoid this sort of argue, agree and disagree etc. There are always happen around us event we don't aware or not. But I though these are normal and we could take a positive things from all of those and use them to improve ourselves to be a better person, I said it is ideally :). Thanks for sharing your point of view with us. 

  • That's why...I don't like to chat here. Whenever I online...then I "off" that button.

    I agree with you. And kekeke....are you talking about me? because..I'm talkative and I never..get tited. lol...

  • Well, it's the old age argument. People just love to argue for the sake of arguing. Freedom of speech to the fullest. Hooray! Hooray!

  • like the old days :')

  • gory nida -_-

  • Arif Saeed, Lucinka, AG, Night, Evangelina, Lady Anne, Frank and Elf-Noor,

    I'm so glad to read your thoughts on this topic.

    Bes, you're allowed to do whatever you want to do here. But do you even need my permission? :D And as you yourself said, our fights were of the people who not only loved each other, their love and friendship grew more and more after every single fight. Girl, you made me feel so nostalgic! :) No, you didn't forget's they who have forgotten us completely. :(

    And here's the revival of the legendary table you so often miss! ;)

  • So true..
    I really agree with your each and every talk what u have said in this blog...
    Thanks for sharing ur thoughts.. Yup even freedom has also some limits.. :))
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