English language learners in Taif, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

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  • Hello Teachers,

    Do you have any questions about teaching or some good ideas to share? We all face similar problems and what works for one may work for others.  I am thinking about starting a group for teachers where we can ask questions and share ideas.  Message me if you are interested.

  • I'm Just joined the group ..... hope to be active and get identify

    Thanks for request Mr Bob

  • I already did Mr. Bob. Thanks for your help. I do appreciate it with my heart . :)
  • You may invite other members of MyEc to join our group.  If they are not a member here you can get them to join MyEc first. :)
  • I am asking Tara about a way to do a survey form through the site and we can collect data we can use to see what most people see as problems or solutions.
  • Nice idea! I'm waiting for your survey to fill. I'm ready to help in improving the Enlgish Education Program in KSA. And I don't mind if other teachers join us here. :)
  • Good question Skoon!  First I want to hear from as many of you that are a product of the KSA school system.  I think I will make a survey form to see which kinds of schools you have attended.

    Then I want to hear the problems you had.  Also I want to know what you think could be done better in the Saudi English education program.  If you don't mind, I may invite some other teachers to join the group and get their view from outside this Kingdom.

  • Hi ! I'm really happy to be one of this group ! But what will we talk about ?!
  • Hello, I'm glad to be a member in this group :)

    @ Bob, you are absolutely right. Almost all the schools here have about 3 English classes per week. Also, there is another problem here. A lot of people consider English as a science or difficult something to learn & I hope I can change this point of view one day.

    I'm sure I'll learn from this group.Thanks for inviting me.

    Good luck!!


  • I'm really glad to be a member of this group. I'm so looking forward to learn many new things both about English and KSA..


    Thanks a million Sir, for accepting my membership request!

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Writing Practice

This is a place where you can add some writing that you do for practice.  Write about something you know about.  I suggest something on yourself, your city, your family, your activities or family history.  Really, anything you know about should be easy to write about.  We will discuss your writing in class.

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 POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVESPossessive adjectives help us show ownership or possession.We use possessive adjectives with a noun. The adjective shows who and the noun shows what.We will start with first person ( me or a group I am part of).FIRST PERSON POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES:     My and OurThis is my football.              It is my book.This is our house.            That is our car. The first person possessive adjectives are underlined above. Which words are the nouns? (football is the noun in the…

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A SENTENCE( Review)A SENTENCE IS A GROUP OF WORDS THAT MAKES A COMPLETE THOUGHT OR MEANING.A simple sentence consists of: SUBJECT + VERB + OBJECTSTATEMENTS:1)      He is reading a book.2)      The boys are playing football.3)      Sarrah has washed three thobes.4)      He will travel to Abha by plane.5)      They have written the lesson.6)      Some children were hunting birds.7)      We should come to school early.8)      Ahmed reads the book.9)      The boys read a book yesterday.10)    …

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Fruit and vegetable challenge

Our challenge is to tell the English name for the foods that I show photos of.  These are all fruit and vegetables I photographed in America.Give me your best guess for the name of the items in each photo.  There are 9 photos. #6 has 3 answers.  That is a total of 11 answers. See how many you can answer correctly.                           Photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4photo 5photo 6  three fruit6a6b6cphoto 7photo 8photo 9Bonus answer: What is the difference between countable and uncountable…

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