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  • hello,there
  • start lesson 2

  • I suggest you, after you join in, choose the vocabulary list you wish to learn, so you start with most common words.

  • hi... one of the best source to learn new vocabulary is

    www.vocabulary.com, in there, you could learn new vocabularies in a fun way, really. They provide you challenges to learn, records your progressions, and they will reply all the words you haven't mastered. You could also choose the list of the words you want to learn, from the beginner, to the advanced, words that you usually find in "Times", "Forbes", etc. The provide you the most common words usually used in daily life. Click the help option for more information.

    Just try it!

  • lesson 1 is finish  by Bachelor and Qualify

    read more in lesson 1

  • words today are

    Gallant , Data and Unaccustomed 

    read more in lesson 1

  • Thanks Benham for this group!

  • hardship:

    Noun: Severe suffering,pain,sufferance,misery.

            Proof sheets.


  • Definition of vacant


    • (of premises) having no fixtures, furniture, or inhabitants; empty. Compare with unoccupied (sense 1).
    • (of a position or office) not filled:the president resigned and the post was left vacant
    • (of a person or their expression) having or showing no intelligence or interest:a vacant stare






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