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  •        My friend, really we miss your nice thoughts a lot. God bless you.

  •       Hi my friend. We really miss you a lot. Come back very soon. My best for you.

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  • 2390084500?profile=original      Hi my friend, really I miss your lovely topics a lot. I am looking forward to your next topic. God bless you, my friend.

  • Hi Stephen!

    Thank you for messaging me about Manila. Are you planning to take a degree in medicine in my country? If I'm not mistaken, Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center is a government controlled hospital. I used to go there when I accompanied my father for his medical check-up. It doesn't have a school unlike the three universities that you mentioned on your message.

    I'm not quite sure their performances when it comes in producing medical related professional. You may check out their websites for their profile.

    University of Sto. Thomas which is located in Espana Boulevard is a private university. But there's a problem with the location because the road gets easily flooded when there's a heavy rain. La Salle and St. Lukes Medical Center are also both prestigious universities.

    These are some info that I can share with you for now.

    Good luck!


    Medical schools in Metro Manila
    A list of universities and colleges offering Doctor of Medicine courses in Metro Manila, Philippines. Tuition fees, admission requirements, applicat…
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  •       My friend, really we all miss your nice topics. Please set up new one very soon. My best wishes for you.

  • 2389412093?profile=original    Wow, really it is very nice picture. God bless you my friend.

  • Hi Stephen!

    It's nice to see your message on my page. Thank you for dropping by! Regarding to your questions about the use of dislike and don't like, based on my understanding both of them are correct.

    "What are the things you dislike?" and "What are the things do you dislike?" These sentences sound formal and I think they are not common in everyday usage compared to the sentence below.

    What are the things you don't like?

    However, the sentence "What things you don't like?" is not grammatically correct because it lacks the verb are and the article the. I heard this sentence to some native speakers and on TV. They tend to shortcut the words, but seem correct to them. I think it is called Ellipsis, where articles and even pronouns are omitted in a conversation.

    I hope this reply helps.....

    Until then,

    Robbie : )

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