Friends, global peace is at stake. There are many reasons. Main reason is many are ignorant of ways and means to achieve it. commercialization and industrialization has improved the living standard however affected peace in life. we can share various ideas for achieving global peace. 

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  • War cannot stop wars as the act of revenge takes place any time due to earlier wars, hence I agree that any war precedes further wars..what is not happening is `peace activities`. They are too law in comparison with activities of war which are taking place on large scale..and in all corners of is impossible to stop wars, but its possible to increase no of actions towards peace..
  • sorry RAYA for so late response. what point you have made in your last communication is so important. We call here it as a `squirrel` contribution as per one of our Mythological stories of Lord Rama. While building a bridge towards Lanka to bring his wife back from Ravana, a squirrel came and started putting pebbles in the sea and said that this is her contribution in the mission. Thank you so much..

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  • Yes Rajesh, we know about this institution and they are doing great job..thank you.

  • absolutely Raya..we need to be more matured, and improve maturity level of people in our life. Somehow, we need to improve spiritual part of our personality..

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Understanding `peace`

Sorry for the break for along time on this group. I spent time in learning insight meditation and it has a lot to do with peace. It is essential that we understand all dimensions of peace as it has many dimensions.We see in families that even if one person is not in peace of mind, it disturbs the whole family. This means that peace needs to exist with all communities in the world. Even one community is not in peace, will not help world peace to exist.How this will happen? May be this should be…

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My experience of participation in peace process

dear all,I have been an active member of `Arthakranti (economic revolution) Pratishthan (a type of social organization)` since last 10 + years. We work to correct some of the age old economic systems of this nation that are acting as hindrance in achieving peace and prosperity of the people of this country. I have many benefits derived personally, they are:1. I have understood the meaning of `peace`in real sense.2. I have started understanding the pains of people who are deprived of basic needs…

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My Role

Hello,It is seen that if we are not clear of our own role in any given event or job or responsibility, peace is at stake as we are confused or not having right direction. hence it is essential that we understand our role in the process of Global Peace. We may talk on this here and try to understand this subject in depth.sunil

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The Power of Participation

Hello all,Those who have subscribed for this group look to be keen in working on GLOBAL PEACE process. However, just nominating to the group does not guarantee that we are actually in the process of (a) understanding the concept of peace (b) participating in peace actions.How do we do this? There are various options. The first thing is to understand the causes and effects of absence of peace in personal, social and professional life. I would like to start working on this from now on to make…

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