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I wish You creative success and victor…"
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  • Hello, Aleftina! :) Nice to meet you too! Thanks for inviting me to be your friend! Best wishes!
  • Sorry, I stoped to breathe. ;-)
    In Minas Gerais, it's not only the cities, the handicrafts and the nature are beautiful. My State is recognized like the State of Mountains (are hills compared with the Himalaia and other), so, there are many rivers, waterfalls, tracks and spectacular sceneries that we can use during whole year.
    However, the best of Minas Gerais for me is the people, mainly that are from countryside. It has two nice songs that say about it and which I love. If you permit me I will put now the translation of one (in portuguese is more poetic, but I hope to get pass the feeling):
    Music: Simplicity - Pato Fu (Minas Gerais's band)

    Go reducing the city
    Go increasing the liking
    How much smaller the little house
    More sincere the good morning

    More soft the bed on I sleep
    More hard the ground on I step
    Has clean water on the sink
    Has tooth too many in the smile.

    I had looked for happiness
    I had found was Maria,
    She, "pinga" and flour
    And I feeling joy.

    Coffee is hot on the firewood stove
    My stomach is not empty
    How much more simplicity
    Better the sunrise.

    If you have liked (I hope it), after I can write the other song very nice too. I intend to put in my profile these songs, in original.
    So, Minas Gerais is like an advertising always say: " The world of the country folk".
    I would like to know what do you prefer in your country, or State, or city?

    "pinga" (sugar-cane liquor) is similar to vodka. Do you like vodka? Be sincere! (I'm joking). It's because the Russian people has the reputation for to love vodka. I loved Boris Yeltsin. My president Lula like of a "pinga".

    Best wishes!!!
    See you!
    Live and learn ;-)
  • Hi Aleftina!
    Peter I. In portuguese is Pedro I (equal my name). I subscribed a Brazilian magazine named "Adventures in the History" and it always had articles about Russian history. The Russian history is very fascinanting and fort. The Emperors and Empress like Peter I, Catharine II (the Greats), Ivan, the Terrible, had as much conquests to Russia as controversial facts. I believe that the rich Russian history is the main responsible for the good character and force that the Russia has today. On the other hand, the brazilian people is a little oblivious to respect of the politics, it's the culture built in time. But, we are improving (Brazil is a little boy in relation to Russia and Europe).
    About Minas Gerais. The name as in consequence of the history. Brazil was colonizated by Portugal, so, in the XVII century they discovered much gold in the region, so it's the cause of the name (Inclusive, in my city, Nova Lima, has one of the deepest mines of the world - with 65 kilometers in tunnels - It's already shutted). The development in Minas Gerais always revolved around the gold and diamonds. So, nice cities was being built in colonial style (European Style), among which I love Diamantina (city of the Diamonds), Ouro Preto (old Capital of the State where had happened many revolutions) and Sant John of the King (São João Del Rey, a nice city. Unfortunately, the colonization was supported by slavery (black men from Africa), so, they built beautiful Churchs (the catholicism was the dominant religion), houses, wheelwaters and other wonders that today make part of the "Road Real Historical Circuit". It mark the way of the diamonds and gold from Minas Gerais to a commercial port in Rio de Janeiro that pass on the cities above...(to be continued)
  • Hi Aleftina!
    35-40ºC!!! Oh my God! It's terrible really!!! Here in Brazil we are in winter. This subject is very interesting because while Russia is big from east to west (the latitude vary not much), here vary more, so, in the northeast (near of Equator) is always very hot. More down (where I've lived), now the weather is dry (12-23)ºC. And in the South is snowing (to snow here is equal to rain in Saara. It's a great event, almost holiday national). Did you like of the weather forecast?
    Curiosities about Brazil? Ok. Here all people (from 2 months to 120 years) play soccer (I'm joking, hehe). But here is very beautiful. In my State, Minas Gerais, have historical places, many mountains, waterfalls, a good cookery (tropeiro beans, angú, bread of cheese, tutu of beans, etc, everything with the mineiro - Minas Gerais's - seasoning). About facts, in this year we are going to elect a new president and I believe that who go to win is a woman (First time).
    Do you like books and History? Cool! Me too. In the moment I have read a novel book about the medieval Europe of the author Bernard Cornwell. Do you know? The trilogy "The search of Graal". The history is set in the 15th century with a English archer in combat in France. Very cool!!! Tell me about your last book.
    So, in the next comment I tell you more about Brazil, Minas Gerais and ask you more too.

    Best wishes!
    Live and learn! ;-)
    See you!
  • Hi Aleftina,
    I'm very happy with your friendship. Russia is a very interesting country for me, inclusive, as I love war movies my favorite is "The circle of fire" - The battle of Stalingrado. Had you already watched it?
    I stayed impressed because there, few days ago, made 38ºC in Moscou!!! Are there very hot still? What have you done to use?

    LIVE and LEARN
    Lots of love.
  • Hello Aleftina!
    I'm new here and I'm looking for a partner too. I believe that we can help each other. What do you think? Can I to count on you?
    Also, I'm curious about many things of your country. I only know that the russian volleyball team is excellent and it always give much work to the brazilian volleyball team. Do you agree?
    So, I'm waiting your answer. Add me, please.
    Brazilian regards.
    See you!
  • hi aleftina
This reply was deleted.