have you heard about root (stem)? do you know the meaning of prefix? have you ever failed to know the suffix? the problem of poor vocabulary or forgetting the meaning of words will be annihilated. come on here; pleased to tell you about it.

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  • Thanks in deed Arif and u too half that same as well!

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  • You are most welcom Karenina and thanks for joining this group!!!!!
  • Hi, I'm always trying to learn more and more vocabulary in English, I hope to learn more with this group.
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Dear All ,I know that you are fed up with the rotten and typical way of cramming the words in our minds but look below and you will never regret:Have you heard with a word called UNI? even me i did not!. The previous segment called prefix, whic is attached  at the begging of the root.                                         Uni  Uni+form              Uni+corn            Uni+sex      Uni+ted ...............conclusionaly, uni is a prefix means one, single or shared, united. uniform:it is a dress…

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