Enchanting Country.Turkey

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You will find very nice places to visit, I am lucky because living in Turkey :))) if you decide to come here, you will be very welcome.I would like to thank to dear Lynne that she made this wonderful presentation for me.

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  • My Dear Lynee,


    You made me emotional and remembered my old days, (not very old, within 5 years)

    so, you brought my memories to life with your great video,

    thanks to your hand one more time,

    and also, your work have further meaning for the presentation of Turkey,

    with all my gratefulness,


  • I love this video. The music really match the photos you have shared with me.
    Thank you so much my dear friend Selma for allowing me to create this slide show of your country. I wish I could see those places in actual.

    Good day!



  • Hi Valentine,

    Thanks a lot for taking time to watching "our" video. I am happy to hear that you like it and Turkey charms you... I hope you stay in Turkey a bit longer for enjoying yourself :))

  • Lynne and Selma, thanks for your great presentation!!! I was in Turkey once, but a little time ( 

    I hope in the another time I will be more and discover for myself all beauty and charm Turkey!

  • My Dear Lynne,

    I am lucky too. My special thanks to you.

    with all my love,

    God bless you forever too.

  • Dear Selma,

    I am very happy to see this video posted on your page. ^_^ I guess, you like it as much as I do.

    Thank you so much Selma. You are so nice and kind to me. I am lucky to have known a person like you even online.

    May our God bless your kind heart forever.

    with all my love.



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