Video Challenge #2: My Job

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Hi everyone!This is our Video Challenge #2!Can you tell us about your professional life? We would love to know about your job.Thank you for participating and please, post the link of your video here for us to check!

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  • nice to hear and see you I will try to take part in I work as a chef in hotel

  • ok,,,, the work deserve appreciatioan and really worth sying ... good. but we have to contribute to the idea by adding and particpate,,,, sending our vedios .... talking about our experience in teahcing ,,,, will be better I think .........thanks once more Joyce.
  • Thank for posting , so much inspired that make me be aware of the way how to bring something up to listener, love this vid :)         
  • hiii ther
  • Thanks Bianca! =)
  • Hi Karrrar, I'm not a native English speaker... I'm just trying to do my best! =)
    Thanks for visiting my page.
  • Juan, Thanks for contacting me as a friend.
    When you have questions about English issues, you can count on me, ok?
    See you!
  • Hi Sunnypan,

    Maybe it's because of your country. Some places don't allow the connection with others... I don't know what's happening, but I hope you can see it soon. Thanks for visiting!
  • native english speaker

  • Hi Joyce!I don’t know why I can't see the video. I‘m in China, does that matter?
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