Happy Birthday to Mr_Night!!!

Today Mr_Night's Birthday!!!

And I hope You join the congratulations and send Your wishes to our dear friend!!! :)


I would like from my heart to congratulate you Happy Birthday!

Wish you all the BEST!

Wish you LUCK in everything you do!

Wish you all your precious DREAMS come TRUE!

A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun.
Enjoy the trip!


-with Love and Respect-

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    First of all, Valentine, This is a surprise. I'm happy. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your care. :)


    Ladies and gentelmen,


    I really appreciate your care for me, your happiness towards me, your thoughts, your sencer feelings, your love & respect. I love you all. You all gave me your friedship, trusting me on your secrets and giving me most of your time. I hope I deserve being your friend, I hope I worth it, I hope I made each one of you happy, I hope I didnt hurt any of you, I see you all as my family.


    Nothing like friendship, when it grows between two.

    Love and respect mature it, loyality is what it shows


    It is like a hand graping another hand & never let go

    A trade that seems so profitable,even though it has no goals.


    Again, Valentine,

    Thank you.

    With love and respect.



    Happy Birthday Dear Night jan :)

    wish you get all the happiness and goodnesses after it and never feel alone with the existence of your all friends . <3


  • 2381613219?profile=originalMr. Night!!!!! I'd like to congratulate you, too. My regards will be from Russia.

                         Friendly thoughts and flowers

                         Are much the same, you know,

                          Because they both bring happiness

                          No matter where they go.

                          Hope it adds some special pleasure

                          To the hours of your day

                           To know you're being thought of in the very warmest way-

                           And when your birthday's over,

                            Hope that you'll remember,too,

                            The same warm thoughts as always

                             Will keep going out to you!

                                     HAPPY  BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I sincerely congratulate You,Mr_Night, on Your Birthday! May God give You good health & true happiness! Many happy returns of the Day!
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