Video Challenge #2: My Job

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Hi everyone!This is our Video Challenge #2!Can you tell us about your professional life? We would love to know about your job.Thank you for participating and please, post the link of your video here for us to check!

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  • Hi Joyce  your are a hard working teacher , keep up the good work and I wish the best. take care.

  • Great work, however like always! Well done! You are good teacher and I am sure all your students are glad to have a teacher like you:) I wish you every success in a your job! 

    Thanks for sharing, Joyce!

  • Excellent video Joyce! Thanks for sharing the differences between your two teaching posts. It was very interesting. I'm glad you like teaching teens. They are so full of life, aren't they? This was a great idea for a video challenge! I hope many of the members will give it a try. Wouldn't it be great if everyone had a webcam? In Canada they are quite cheap to buy. I wonder what they cost in other countries? Most laptops these days come with a built in webcam. I imagine more and more online learners will have one soon. 


    By the way, please share your secret about how you created your intro and outro. It looks so cool!

  • Dear Joyce! What a nice video as usual! Through the way you speak about teaching, I can notice that you are a wonderful teacher and thanks a lot for taking your time to prepare the video..If you consider studying as a job, that's my job! Take care,
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