MyEC Video Guidelines

The MyEC Video Gallery has a variety of video collection that can be useful in learning or teaching English. The EC Team is currently categorizing the collection to find videos easier, and to choose videos according to your interest.

If you want to be equipped with your English, you can watch videos from our Grammar, Pronunciation, Vocabulary and Learning English tabs. There, you'll find informative videos from our ESL teachers and active members of MyEC. Perhaps you love singing, you can practice and sing along with different music videos in our Music Tab. You'll find plenty of music videos with subtitles, too. Click on the videos tab to see all the categories.


2346417001?profile=originalThis blog was published to make us familiar with the guidelines on what videos should be uploaded in our video gallery. The EC Team aims to promote this gallery as a useful, interesting and educational venue to learn and teach English.

Please be reminded of the following guidelines in uploading or sharing your videos.

1. Make sure your video is in English! (If not, please don't upload it to MyEC.)

2. Videos that contain explicit and, offensive language, and have cruelty and derogatory content will not be approved.

3. Videos that are trying to convert someone to change his/her religion or beliefs are not recommended. Please save these videos for a different community. We respect all religions!

4. Videos that encourage members to learn English would be useful to EC learners and teachers.  Check out this Learning English Video Contest winning entry.

Tips to Improve English by Ray Jay

5. Videos about yourself (These are the best ones!), the things you do, and what interests you are more likely to be featured and approved. Check out interesting videos from EC Members.

Let's Start Blogging! by Luci

Speak English 10 Times Better by jdapotter

The Story of My Name by Joyce Fettermann

Introduction of Myself by Nelly Morales

Speak English Fluently by Shoaib Yunus

It's inspiring to watch EC members speak the English language. Don't worry about making mistakes. We're here to practice our English, right? Also, this would be a great way to develop our confidence in speaking. Members' comments can help improve ourselves, too!

6. Add appropriate title and description on your video. It should be in English! This is to understand the content and information of the video. It is also a nice way to practice your writing skills. Check your spelling and appropriate capitalization. You can invite other members to comment on your video. Or, you can provide a discussion question for English learners.

7. You can share videos from other site such as YouTube, provided it's in English. 

Please continue supporting MyEC Video gallery and make it as a useful place for learners and teachers. If you like to share some tips to improve the video gallery, you can leave a message on the comment section below. 

Thank you for reading this blog!

Do you have any favorite videos in English? What are those? You can share them here!



This blog post was approved by our former admin, Tara Benwell. Some information written here is from her previous posts. This article has been compiled for learning purposes. Watch her video here!

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  • Hi, Mohammad!

    You're welcome! Yes, you can upload music videos with lyrics in English and as long as they do not contain profane images or words. Thank you for reading the video guidelines!


  • Thank you Robbie. can I upload videos about music + lyrics?

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