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This is a short clip giving some useful tips to improve English in general. Different forms of media such TV, movies, or radio can enhance your communication skills through IMITATION. Likewise, practicing by yourself and being aware of your mistakes are also paramount in achieving this goal. So I hope that you find this video a lot useful.

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  • i would like to speak english like you, what can i do. However congratulations friend :)

  • congratulations you speak fluent, that's very interresting tips thanks for adding that!! bye

  • Congratulations RJ! Good tips, and good progress with English on your part!

  • Congratulations Ray  for  being the  winner  thumbs up :)

  • Nice..Thank u for sharing ur great tips ....I will do it...............

  • Congratulations, you're the winner :)
  • thanks for your advives..and congratulation...
  • Congrats!Your English is very good,thank you for your great tips!
  • Congratulations and thanks for your advices.
  • Great job! Congrats!
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