To speak English well we have to learn essential words. So this group is help for beginners. I hope experts in English will write essential words, which are useful in our daily life.

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  • hi

  • Good afternoon,guys! how are you doing? I am a new member here and way glad to be amongst you,Guys! I am from Sudan.

  • Hi, I am From Oman. My English is good and I want to improve it .
  • good day

  • As a new member, I'm here to improve my english skills. I'm a beginner. I'm from the Carribean. So, glad to be here and hope that we will have nice learning together. Two of my questions is how to meet people in this group ? How to does this group works ? Thank you !

  • please share me latest words

  • Respected Sir,

    where can I find the 4000 essential words in the group, Please tell me


    Best Regards

    Mudassar Naqvi

  • Dear Rajesh, thanks a lot for inviting me. 

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i'd participate by a proverb

hey, i m new in this amazing forum, last night i've read an article about the stress in our life, a nice proverb has attracted me so, i would put it here as a first comment of me.."never borrow from the future, if you worry from what may happen, and doesn't happen, you havrworried in vain,even it does happen, you have to worry twice"

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The infinitive :" to + a verb"

The infinintive : I want to learn English   Infinitives are used :1- After certain verbs : " try - agree-  decide - expect - help - learn - hope  - need ....Examples :- We need to practice the language everyday.- I hope to improve my English language.-They decided to travel abroad.- She learned to be more patient.-He has agreed to help you.-I always try to do my best in my classroom. 2-After certain adjectives :  Examples:- It's important to have good friends.-It's interesting to know other's…

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Personal and possessive pronouns

Personal pronouns can be  subject :I -you - he -she -we- they - itand can be object:me- you - him -her- us - them -it-       Subject                                   object         I                                             me  " He sent me some flowers "       You                                           you  "I will visit you next weekend"       he                                              him " I bought him a new watch"      she                                             her  " They…

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Avoid Some Mistakes

Here are some of the most common mistakes we use in English :1- there  - their -they 're:There: trefers to a place " There are 25 students in my classroom".Their: a possessive adjective "their car is new ".they're:abbreviation of they are " they're leaving now".2-It's - Its :It's :It is  "It's time to go"Its: a possessive adjective " they painted their house and changed its color".3-Whose - who's:whose :is a pronoun " whose pen is this ?"who's:an abbreviation to who is ,or who has " who's been…

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