Valentine's Wordless Wednesday # 1


Winning caption by surawan: "A little sweet Prada".


Hello friends,

What are coming to your mind looking at this picture? Could you help me give a caption?!

The best caption will be added next Wednesday. 

Thank you in advance for your contribution! :)



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  • I remember childhood days

  • Hey. What a lovely Picture and a nice caption! I'm sorry that I came too late. It is nice though and fun to see. Thanks Valentine for such unusual great wordless challenge :)

    Ann, you won! nice thumbs up!

  • Great captions! It was difficul to choose one best. Thank you for your participation and contribution!

  • Valentine , it's me again...I love this photo ^^

    My latest caption is " A little sweet Prada " :)*

  • Hi! I've got some ideas. Not the best ones, but I'd like to share them with you.

    1. Mirror, mirror on the wall,

    Who's the prettiest  of us all?


    2. I don't think this is my colour, Mom.

    3. Now you're armed, my dear daughter! Come on!

    4. Will Tom fall in love with me now, Mom?

    5. Now I'm as sexy as you are, aren't I?

  • Mama!!! Don't make me feel like a cartoon!!! ;))))

  • One more , Valentine .......Kisssss me , mom :-*)

  • Do I look like a lady , mom  ? ^_^

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