The world of dolls!

Do you remember your favourite toy? On one day I was immersed in the world of childhood. I attended the exhibition "the art of dolls". It is one of the biggest exhibitions in the world. This is not the ordinary dolls, this is a real art. I felt myself like a child, so excited :) I had a wild time. I would like to share with you some pictures. It was really hard to choose ones, I made thousands shots.

Have a great time!


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  • Hello Martin!
    Thank you my friend for taking your time and commenting my blog. Yeah, I was the time traveler, but only for one day... hahah...To be honest, I have no ideas, but it was tooooooooo many...I spent much time exploring everything :)

    Wish you a great day!

  • Hello Rocio Ares!

    Thank you very much for your nice comment regarding my blog. I do appreciate it!

    These dolls are so lovely :) I really like it!!!!!

    Wish you a great day!

  • Hello Night!

    Thank you for your nice comment. Yeah, it was really something! But you know, it is a paradox, the audience comprised the majority of adults than children, just amateurs and collectors. And thanks for sharing your lovely memories :)

    Wish you a great time!

  • Wow! Valentine,

    It is even not like Madam Tuso wax museum! So creative and some of them are looking real. Lucky you had the chance to see it. Dolls are amazing, specially to kids. IF I was 8 years old, and I saw all this, I think I would get dizzy which to choose. In my childhood I used to go by my self walking to the supermarket to buy toys. Little animals, I used to make it like a wild life, I used to make them fight. You know, from watching TV, cartoons we learn those things lol


    Any way, Thank you so much for this lovely Report.

    Best Regards


  • Hello Debbie!

    Thanks dear for commenting and liking my blog. Barbie was one of my favourite dolls too. My first barbie I got on my birthday, was such a sweet moment :) My mom helped me to sew and knit new dresses for her :) But I didn't keep my dolls, when I became older, I gave away my toys to children in my yard. Only lovely memories remained :)

    Wish you a great time!

  • Moha Tahlil Ahmed, not at all!!! :)
  • Thank u Valentine,
  • Oh, I forgot, guys, don't say sorry!!!!! You are very welcome in any time :)
  • Hello Thuonghuynh!

    Thank you for sharing with us your memories. I believe now your kids have many toys and you spend much time playing with them :) By the way, I like bears Teddy, they are cute :)

    Wish you a great time!

  • Hello Junko!

    Thanks for commenting my blog. Oh, poor your dolls........perhaps, you just tried to keep up with the trends.... :) lol

    Wish you a great time!

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