Funny survey :)

What the most necessary (or unnecessary) things do you take with you?  Things without which (if you suddenly forget at home) perhaps you will be upset, things without which your day will be spoiled, things without you can’t imagine your day…

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  • Necessary things - clothes. Because without them it will be difficult to walk on the streets.

    Unnecessary things - money. I don't go out for a walk so far away from my home, to have a need to buy something.

  • Are you asking about 'legal' stuff, ...right?

  • I prefer BIG bags and I've got EVERYTHING in them. Sometimes it takes me long time to find my cell or my wallet and I always think that somebody has stolen them.
  • A gun!
    • Lol...only one, with how many bullets....?
  • Well... my mobile phone, tissues, pen, sunglasses, my university ID and personal one as well. That's it, I guess! wait... Money! Thanks for this nice poll, Valentine.
  • hi dear

     thanks for your nice topic, I like it

    important thing ..... Lipstick, mirror, Pen, note, Mobile, mony, Perfume :)

  • Dear valentine, what is the result of this survey? ((curious George= Nafis))...hahaha...
  • The phone mobile contains the facebook, twitter and MyEC sites ... :))



  • one of the nonseparable assets is my camera. So, it is always with me and if I leave it home, I really would be sad. The rest is like others, wallet with so many cards and pictures, my sunglasses and hand creame, cell phone and so many papers with a notebook and of course, keys and my gloves. Without them, I will be frozen! Without paper tissue, I feel I have lost something. hahaha...

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