Poetry is the magic of the words that come out from your heart to show the whole world how you feel in this life. Write in English about any subject in poetry, share others your comments and critiques to help improving the writing.
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Hold your pin and write!

If poetry is your passion, then here is the right place for you to make your words alive.I Love, I hate, I feel sad, happy, I cry some times & I laugh, this is me a HUMAN. Photo copy your emotions in poetic pictures full of imagination & expression. Welcome to Poetry group :)

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  • I would like to add another poem Look to mother Luna my Nautical Noona I have composed this poem for my friends young cousin  who is fascinated and fixiated with astrononomy and in particular. I hope you enjoy it. it is bolded and the title is underline

    Look To Mother Luna My Nautical Noona

    How brightly the moon shines tonight.
    It usually does but do you not have some questions for me
    Maybe One or two.
    Then get along with it would you.

    Daddy what should I do when I am bad repent and confide in Mother Luna nautical noon

    Daddy what shall I do when I am sad?
    Confide in Mother Luna my sorrowful Noona?

    What do I do when I feel glad?
    Share your gladness with Mother Luna my precious Luna.
    Whatever shall I do if I fall in love?
    Whatever you do not share such news with Mama Luna my unfortunate Noona.

    Anyhow it would be better for you to think of love later rather sooner.

    Would you not prefer to risk losing the companionship of Mother Luna Later in life rather than sooner my sweet Nautical Noona?

  •   I would like to add my poem here . The title is Ishaque Fareed

    2387645330?profile=originalSo far it has only been on my blog so only my current friends would have been able to view it  I hope all of you on poetry club  enjoy reading it

  • You are welcome here! :)

  • HI everybody.I'm a new member :)
    I like English poetry .... 

  • Hi Fad miz :)

    OK. I'll be happy to help you. I'll try to meet you in the chat room and tell you what to do.

  • I couldn't say anything with "R" to put in Poetry Game!, now!

    But I could write this one:


    "I want to love when I'm free"

    Said it to all, a young tree

    But, tree didn't consider this fact

    Maybe after love, we have free

  • Very nice description!

    I also like this game so.

    But I need more time for thinking.

  • Thanks Sahar. Its my game :))

    As love is the sport of the heart, poetry is the sport of the mind.

    I appreciate your hard work and passion of poetry.

    Thanks Sahar :)

  • How fast you are Mr. Night!!

    You are able to say poem less than minutes!

    Well done!

    I'm impressed by your skill.

  • Oh!!


    You are right. I didn't pay attention to this fact that maybe someone is trying to replay to poems.

    Thanks. I will follow it as you said.


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LIFE Our life is full of twists and turns With highs and lows a story burns We are but candles in the wind Moved to and fro not on a whim We stand so high but then we fall As if we've hit a solid wall We get back up and move again We must ignore the constant pain To cast a smile or loving gaze We see much light through yonder haze The sun still shines, a days caressed Our life is not just emptiness. life.jpg

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the moon and stars casting a heavonly glow on the slumbering city at night. Such a peacful night, It gives me a false sense of hope and serenity, Because once I close my eyes again,those bittersweet dreams will appear. It's like a broken records playing again and again in my mind.   I lay my head down and say a silent pray. I drift to sleep..... closing my eyes, I dream of improbable, I dream of finding you, It's an ache that comes from heart. even if it's just a dream, your return to my life…

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