A Blog Challenge: NEITHER/EITHER

Well, when I am up to something, I usually realize my ideas. So, here we are with one more piece of English grammar.

Speaking about our everyday life, business, science and many other things, we often want to make a statement about TWO…

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Tanya commented on Tanya's video
"Thank you, guys! I am happy if I have been helpful. Please, tell me what other parts of grammar you…"
Jun 24, 2019
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"Great slides! They tought my feelings!"
Jun 24, 2019
Tanya commented on Tanya's video
"Dear Taki! I think you know that The Scorpions is a German band. Of couse, their English is poor…"
Jun 24, 2019
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"Dear Alba! I am really sorry abouy your father. Thank you for the great comment. This song is one…"
Jun 24, 2019
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"Really great song! Thank you! I like Bryan Adams, too. He has been touching our hearts for so many…"
Jun 24, 2019
Tanya commented on Danny Clark's blog post Grammar Test VIII
"Dear Bet, glad to hear from you, too! You see, I haven't read your previous replies and some of…"
May 18, 2019
Tanya commented on Danny Clark's blog post Grammar Test VIII
"Hi, everyone! Danny is on a long business trip abroad now and asked me to post the answers at last.…"
May 18, 2019
Tanya commented on bet's blog post No one feels bad for the men, why?!
"Dear Bet, men hide their bodies as most of them have nothing to demonstrate! Hahaha! When they get…"
May 18, 2019

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  • hello,tanya,u r a very nice teacher!
  • Hi Tanya, my first reaction to your question was no since I have never heard of anyone using this expression...but then I Googled "luckiness" and guess what - it seems that it is a word. It's one of those expression that just does not roll off my tongue very well - I would be hard pressed as to knowing when to use it.
    cheers Richard.
    PS Tanya feel free to send me your questions.
  • yes Nikolay Gogol..why they didn't like classic litterarture?i like to read litterature especially classic litterature. reading is good activity, sometimes i learn english from the calssic litterarture. are you an author?
  • you come from ukraina?i like NV Gogol, he is ukraina right?
  • Hi Tanya,
    You are the best. I like your page alot, where you can learn new things.
  • Hi, Tanya, I will introduce myself, I´m Favio from Argentina, I´m learner of English Lenguage and I would like to receive your experience as teacher.
    Could you accept my envitation as your friend??
    Iwill waiting your answer. thanks and nice to meet you.!
    I would like to improve my speaking.
  • Hello miss Tanya,
    Your blog is quite nice and informative, I knew a lot of Ukrainian history, and it’s really amazing. Mingling history with myth is really interesting. I hope that we can chat together sometime.
  • Dear Tanya Thank you again the password englishtips.org worked out. You are the best...:)
  • Hi dear tanya,
    Thanku for your kindly respond. i ll try to speak to u as soon as possible.
    Have nice day
  • Thank you Tanya. Unfortunately I didn't have much time to write down my mistakes so... no, I don't remember them. As for practice - yes, I always needed to practice my Grammar, but not pronunciation if you meant that by "oral" practice. My pronunciation was the best in my group (as they told me). But teachers always said I must pay more attention to my Grammar. I studied Romance and Germanic philology)) But now I almost don't have any practice(((
This reply was deleted.