The Wheel of Fortune; One More Try

My friends! I have just copied the body of the previous discussion to remind you of the rules and the idea of this game.

The name of the real TV show is “The Wheel of Fortune”. The idea of this game is to guess a word or expression “opening” the letters one by one. In the real game players spin the wheel with many sectors. Each sector presents either score, or prize, or something like a possibility of opening any letter. But, of course, we can’t realize it here. So, I think scoring should be the following: 10 scores for the right vowel and 50 scores for the consonant. If a player guesses the word, he gets maximum scores for it. If he guesses three letters, he has a possibility to open any letter he likes (no scores for that). When a player fails in guessing a letter, he has to wait until others make a mistake or the round is over. If he fails in guessing the word, he loses all his scores and has to wait till the next round. I also think, there should be some intrigue and some risk like in any other game. Besides, we would like this game to be somehow learning. Such a game may be useful not only for improving your vocabulary, but also for realizing regular sequences of vowels and consonants, standard letter combinations, suffixes of different parts of speech, etc. When we open letters randomly, we really learn all that. The idea of the game is to get as many scores as possible to take part in the super game where three best gamers will decide who is the best, guessing some complicated task. So, I guess, the rules should be following.

A host askes his question, names a part of speech and tells the number of letters in his word.

All players try to guess any letter.

The first player who guesses the correct letter, gets his scores for the letter and can go on guessing letters and receiving scores or can guess the word. If he guesses the word he receives all possible scores. (For example, our word is "vowel" where are two vowels and 3 consonants and one letter is already open. So, he gets 10+150=160 scores + 10 for the first right letter). But if he fails, he loses all his scores and has to wait for the next round to take part in the game again.

Then, the next gamer who also guessed the right letter but was not the first came into play and so on until the word is guessed.

I will demonstrate everything said above. For example, I am a host. My question is:

It is a grammar term, a noun, 10 letters.

As a result, I get three answers from A, B and C.

A: Is there any "e" in the word?

B: Is there any "a"?

C: Is there any "I"?

I say that A is wrong; there is no such a letter. B is right, there is "a", but C is also right. So, the first to play is B. He already has 10 scores. Others keep silence and watch. I open the letter.

_ _ _ _ a_ _ _ _ _

B decides to guess one more letter.

B: Is there any "c"?

He is right again and gets 50 more scores. Now his score is 60. He wants to guess the word.

c _ _ _ a_ _ _ _ _

B:  What is "comparable"?

He is wrong. He loses his 60 scores and is out of the round.

Now I ask C to come into play. He has more chances than B. I open his letter and he gets 10 scores:

c _ _ _ a_ i _ _ _.

C is smart and he wants to open one more letter to be sure.

C: Is there any 'n'?

And he is right. I open it:

c _ _ _ a_ i _ _ n

C gets 50 more scores. Now he has 60 and he is sure about the word. He gives his try:

C: What is "comparison'?

He is right. Now, his score is 340 (it is the maximum score for this word (4 vowels and 6 consonants, i.e., 40+300) and he is the next host.

 I hope, the idea of the game is clear. If you'd like to clarify some details or to suggest some changes, I will gladly answer all your questions and take into account all your suggestions.

I think, it is also clear that the words must be either rarely used or, maybe, somehow unusual in spelling or something like that.

As usual, we will be able to improve the rules during the game. Let’s try and see what will happen. I will be the first host and will help you during a few first rounds explaining what to do.

Good luck!


Roman 360

Muskan 630

Luci 410

Bet 430

SNR 1220

Baho 430

Mishaikh 1050

Teresa 440


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  • Wow! Thank you Tanya and Danny:)

  • Hi, Roma! Sure, I know the word but this game seems to be dying as it was when I stopped it. In fact, I don't know what to do.

    And I'd like to ask if you received our presents yesterday

  • Hi Tanya! Yes, there is one "i".

    I n _ _ _ _ _ e n _ _ _
    • Hi, Roma! I have forgotten to reply, sorry!

      Is there any "a"?

    • No problem:)
    • Roman, let me ask if there is any "t"

    • Yes Danny! There are two letters "t" in my word:

      I n _ t _ _ _ e n t a _

    • OK, I never guess any words in this game. It is unfair. Let others do it!

    • Ok, let others guess!

    • Yes, Tanya! There is one "a":
      I n _ _ _ _ _ e n _ a _
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