Wearing a witch’s costume and high-heeled knee-long boots these days has reminded me of my favorite comfortable clothing I prefer to all others. This style won most of young hearts long ago but now it is about to become one of the most popular among people of any age.

I mean sportswear style. Such clothing was already known when I was a kid but it was worn only by sportsmen at the stadiums or in the gyms. Little by little, it came out onto the streets and we started calling it street wear. Now, in my native country, Ukraine, as well as in many western countries such clothing is in fashion and is considered to be very stylish.

Yes, it is very comfortable wear in any weather! Any strong wind will not blow you down! If it is hot, you can take off a jacket. If it is cold, you can have a hood on. These clothes don’t bother you to move or do anything you like.

Does it sound like an advertisement? You are right, my friends! I do want to introduce you one of my real English students, a rather young but already famous Ukrainian clothes designer Marina Polykarpova who dressed up Ukrainian Olympic team for the last games and designed my witch costume. She is not only my student but also a good friend as well as her husband.

Although her design of my witch dress is so impressive, I prefer to wear something like this!

Well, I do want to ask if this style is popular in your countries and what you think about people’s wearing such clothing wherever they go.

Isn’t it a nice topic to discuss?

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  • Dear Bet, the girls in black clothes are wearing leggins, very tight elastic stuff, i.e., footless tights. Leggins are a part of street/sportswear. Sure,  leggings are not cotton although the fabric usually contains some cotton percentage. Such clothes like a white suit are not 100% cotton, either. But its percentage is very high, about 70-80%. However, any spotswear feels very good

  • Thank you Tanya! I will read it later.
  • Yes, tanya I also guessed something like this kind of flying.....lol
  • But, dear what the girls wear ...are not they black leggins.....yes, your blog was not about it, sorry...then are the sportswears are made of cotton
  • Dear Bet, I hope you will excuse Danny as he was really "flying" yesterday. However, witches are not ghosts, that is why they were burnt alive on the crosses in the Middle Ages! As to ghosts, they are immaterial and need no vehicles to move! LOL!

    You see, my blog is not about wearing leggings but about sportswear you see in the pictures. Such style is very popular in Europe and America now.

    Thanks for your comments!

  • Dear Roma, you haven't got Danny. He meant his blog named "My last confession"


    My Last Confession
    As our dear Luci is my muse, she always inspires me to post something I have never expected to write! Well, let’s consider this blog to be my reply t…
  • Okay, Tanya, leggins are also in our fashion specially during winter season.

  • Except this question "Being horrified to death, my cats dashed away under the couch." But I don't understand what is wrong with it. :)

  • But I just read your last blog and found nothing related to MARY. And she didn't even comment there...

  • Then, How male ghost fly....lol
    Okay, I am saying bye now, it is almost wiching hour
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