No one feels bad for the men, why?!

Well, my this blog may start an argument that may ended up in a bad or wrong way. But, take it easy, it is just my observation to see differently about a matter. And, the topic is about male's dress up!

Do not know why  I can see/ think males clothing are more long and they cover more parts of their bodies than the females in some countries! And, on the other hand I have seen in some countries men and women both wear more covered dresses but yet I have not seen any country where men wear less clothing than women! Yes, this sort of country/countries may be around us but I do not know or do not have information about it.

So, my question is why men wear their outfits in this way? I know in most of the western countries in many occasions/offices/workplace men wear top to toe  clothing and they do not wear revealing clothing, not too clinging too! Their party dress most like this, full pant/trouser/tuxedos/ nice party full sleeve shirt/ coat/blazer/tie. I never heard they wear short dresses at parties nowadays, I mean in our time. But, I know they wore short skirt type dresses during the past. And, now see what type of clothing Asian men wear usually? In many Asian countries I know men wear long type dresses not short. In Middle east men wear long dresses and more over they cover their head to get protection from the furious Sun!

In my  country during  hot summer seasons we women often wear half or semi full sleeve salwar-kameez/tops with  an orna/scarf at work places but male co-officers have to come in their full sleeve shirts with ties, in the meetings they have to wear coat too. Yes, now  many offices have Air conditioning but when there were no, then they also came in this way! So, I think, we also  should feel sorry for them (for the men) too if we feel sorry for the ladies who wear long dresses.

Smile, please and take it easy!

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  • Dear Bet,

    My answer is "I don't know either". :)

    Very nice analysis, dear! Thank you for writing. 

  • Yes, dear Teacher, I always want people  take my idea, writing easily, in a positive way, because like others I also just express my own view and my views can be wrong too like others! And, I never do worry to do mistakes, you, we ladies can be happy at least in this terms of beauty we are ahead of our

  • Bet, you asked us to take it easy and a good portion of humor will never bother!

  • Hahaha! I didn't say they are ugly. I said most of them have nothing to demonstrate as your topic is about showing our bodies. LOL!

    •, they are ugly....okay, I will remember
    • Anyway, thanks for stopping by.
  • Dear Bet, men hide their bodies as most of them have nothing to demonstrate! Hahaha! When they get married they start thinking their women will always accept them whatever they look like. But they are wrong! We prefer to see great bodies around, especially on a beach, in a gym or swimming pool and, who knows, one day we may change our mind and change our partners! Hahahah!

    Good blog!

  • Thanks, danny sir, for your understanding, yes, we should not argue about clothing, let the people decide what to wear or what to not as per theie geography, culture and tradition and in which way they feel good and look good and decent.

  • Dear Bet! Thanks for feeling sorry about us who have to wear suits and ties on business occations regardless of any weather!That is one of the reasons I decided to work at the university where is no dress code!
    Mishaikh is right but you have been to America and the West and you should know that in American South men wear shorts and sleevless shirts almost all year round. We HAVE to wear suits on some occations but we are always ready to get rid of ties and coats and to roll up the sleeves!
    It is a nice blog. I wonder why we should argue about what to wear
  • Misha, hats described such a nice way, I really like it so very much. Yes, in our part we wear complete dress, it is our culture and we look good, feel good in our way.....thanks a lot for liking.

  • A nice topic:

    Dressing complete attire or less basically depends upon tradition and culture also affected by weather.

    In Middle East where the weather is extremely hot, one can't wear less clothes to avoid the sun burn so they mostly wear cotton clothes from head to toe. Here in USA in extreme cold weather again one has to wear clothes to cover the entire body, still shiver. Yes, of course in summer there is no limit to down size for the clothings for both men and women.  But at work place there is always a dress code, which you have to follow whether the weather is cold or hot, in some offices a complete suit is required for the management staff.

    Back there in Pakistan we mostly wear complete dress irrespective of gender. Though sometimes awkward (in my view) fashion prevails which both males and females enjoy.  The bottom line is the dressing is based on tradition and culture.

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