Jeopardy Game: November

Hi, everyone! Let's strat November game. 

Hope, you all remember the rules.

Here are our categories:

1. Culture/traditions/customs.

2. Literature/language.

3. Nature/animals/pets.

4. Science/engineering/technology.

5. Music/art/architecture.

6. History/philosophy.

7. Movies/theater/TV.

8. Gastronomy/cuisines.

9. Sports.

10. General knowledge.

11. Puzzles/numbers.

12. A Black Box.

Please, don't forget about the rules, especially the rule of 3 attempts.

Good luck!


Rose 3200

Tanya 2750

Bet 1700

Onee-Chan 1300

Mishaikh 900

Danny 400

Roman 500

Elf-Noor 500

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  • Woooooo.....thanks.
  • I am also saying Thank you Tanya and Danny!
    And I wish a great inspiration and luck to everyone in new month!
  • Teacher Tanya,

    Thank you for the interesting game. ^^

  • CONGRATULATIONS, ROSE!!! and Thank you, Teacher Dan. ^^

    The game always keeps me visiting EC, LOL.... (Sometimes, I forget that I'm a mod)

    The questions never let my mind stop thinking. LOL. That's why I like this game. The questions and answers somehow widens my knowledge and sometimes it entertains me. ^^ Thanks for the interesting game, Teacher Dan. ^^

    • Dear Onee, I believe you should thank Tanya for this game! I was not that active in November.

    • NO DOUBt  this game is very good

      source for language learning. THANKS

      TANYA and Danny too for keeping us

      intact in learning.

  • My dear friends! November is over and, without any shadow of doubt, our winner is ROSE! My sincere congratulations, dear!

    BET and ONEE-CHAN also deserve our admiration! They not only guessed many answers but also asked very interesting questions.

    And, of course, my special thanks to my dearest wife Tanya who did her best trying to keep the fire burning! I'd like to believe you will remember her language questions and will not make me see any nightmares again! LOL!

    Thanks everyone for the interesting game and really good questions!

    Our winners will be awarded as always!

  • Congrats, Teacher Dan

    November is over. ^^ Thanks for the interesting game, though I couldn't participate full time. ^^

  • Yesssss.....danny, you are the winner of this round, yes it is leonardo da vinci, thanks.
  • The question is really interesting. Do you mean Curt Herzsark?

    Honestly, if we speak about drafts, I would say it was Leonardo da Vinci!

This reply was deleted.