Luci's Halloween Challenge

My friends! My story is based on "Viy" story by the famous Ukrainian/Russian writer Nikolay Gogol. On the other hand, it is also based on my memories about your mistakes and Danny's blogs. So, there we go!

In the middle of the night I woke up lying on the path in the dark forest.  Suddenly I heard soft steps nearing stealthily. I raised my head and saw two green spots glowing in the dark. I looked closely and saw a familiar silhouette! “Shoo! Shoo!” I cried and she disappeared with her tail between two legs! It was a female black cat for sure, who else? I looked around and recognized the place I had been to many times. It was the famous Bold Hill on the bank of the Dnieper River where all European witches come together for the witches' Sabbath at least once a year. I heard some noise from far, got up and started walking in that direction hoping to see my old friends.

A few minutes later I saw a clearing crowded with a lot of my female friends dressed up for the party. Although I hadn’t seen them for long, I recognized most of them. One of them was scratching some poetry on the handle of her broom, another was wearing only one shoe, one more was about to get rid of her brain going to burn it down and to throw the ashes into the Dnieper waters. The rest were flying their brooms maneuvering among the flying coffins. All were laughing and fooling around. One who seemed to be the queen of the party was riding Pegasus looking very much like my hubby. So, everything was so habitual, close and dear. The picture gladdened my eyes.

But suddenly one of the coffins flew up to me, a corps sat up, stretched out his hand and said, “Give me your soul!!!” I looked closely and recognized my hubby who couldn’t stand laughing at your mistakes and died. I thought, “What’s the hell? Will he get me being out of here?” And I said, “Darling, if you died let it be so! If you remember, you were a materialist when alive. People don’t have soul and I have nothing to give you”. He gave me his last glance and whispered, “I have always known all women are witches. Why did I marry?” He sat back in his coffin and flew away.

However, the party was not over. My friends gave me a broom and we went on kidding around!

Happy and funny Halloween!

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  • Maybe now I got
  • Dear Bet! You are not able to read 'between the lines', yet! I did say something! LOL!

  • Why will be banned, dear did you say anything bad
  • Dear Bet, that is what witches for! Hahaha! As a matter of fact, we can accept Roma to our society as even witches need wizards from time to time! Hahaha! I will be banned for sure!

  • I just found your this blog today?! I think, you hid it by your black magic!

  • Well Tanya, now I understand that you and Danny are victims of our mistakes, lol! I am so sorry about that :D

  • Hahaha:) MARY, I didn't know that you don't like your medicine... I am not evil... Rather white and fluffy.
  • @Roman, yes very smart ¬¬

    But ofc you know what I meant and you're just trying to tease me and give me a taste of my own medicine... You evil Ukrainian! :(

  • MARY, but you are reading through a screen right now, in this moment :P But I think you like it:) Ofcourse I got what you mean! And just recall that amazing smell of a new book! And that careful reading of a new book to save it in the best condition after reading!

  • If you like I can fing his best stories in English for you.

    Tanya, thanks! How nice of you! ^_^  But the thing is that I hate to read through a screen... I like the "old-fashioned way" of reading: I need to feel the book in my hands :) 

    Btw last month I found by chance in a bookstore a super beautiful copy of Gogol's story 'Night before Christmas' in english and it was a great surprise 'cause I didn't know that story was so old and written by him! and I read in the preface that it's an inspiration from the folk-tales of Gogol's village in Ukraine. It has been a very cool 'discovery' for me :)   

    Thanks for your suggestion, I'll check Bulgakov's work as well. Just in case you didn't notice, I really love russian's literature (folk-tales the most) and also old russian cartoons. There's always a very characteristic 'nostalgic' atmosphere in all these old russian stories that just captivates me... dunno if you know what i mean :)

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